Dew Nation has an opening for a MTN DEW Outpost Ranger

Become MTN DEW Ranger at MTN DEW Outpost, photo provided by MTN DEW
Become MTN DEW Ranger at MTN DEW Outpost, photo provided by MTN DEW /

For many people in the Dew Nation, the great outdoors offers that sense of adventure. The new MTN DEW Outpost not only celebrates the majesty of Doe Mountain but it looks to forward a positive conversation on the inspiration that nature provides.

While many people think of that MTN DEW beverage as a sip of refreshment, it is more than just another can in the cooler. For members of the DEW Nation, the brand is part of an overall lifestyle. Even though those limited edition flavors might spark some curious excitement and everyone cannot resist that Baja Blast, the connection to the beverage brand is more than just quenching a thirst.

With the newest announcement regarding the MTN DEW Outpost, the beverage company is going back to its roots by establishing this location on Doe Mountain. Eight decades ago, that beverage which would tickle your innards sprung from the Tennessee hills. Going back to that location, the brand looks to foster a conversation that will hopefully longer than another eight decades.

According to Pat O’Toole, vice president marketing, MTN DEW, “Our fans are exploring the outdoors now more than ever; it’s the perfect time to return to Tennessee, and give back to the community. While MTN DEW will pay homage to its name and roots at Doe Mountain, we aspire to leave a positive impact, providing wider access to these preserved mountain lands and fueling outdoor enthusiasts’ passions.”

That sentiment is what drives a deeper connection within the DEW Nation. From that sense of community to exploring the outdoors, the brand understands that loyal fans will not waiver in their bond. From standing up for a cause to championing a belief, the strength in community ensures longevity.

Who will become the new MTN DEW Outpost Ranger for the DEW Nation?

While many people proudly display their love of the citrus forward beverage, one lucky person will champion of the best of the DEW Nation outdoor lifestyle. As head of the Outpost for a week, the ranger will explore the area. From leading hikes to a scavenger hunt on a Polaris RANGER XP 1000 Premium to a full range of community activities, this person will enjoy a once in a lifetime experience that will hopefully not only create lasting memories but will inspire future outdoor adventures.

Applications for this unique opportunity are open now through January 14. Complete entry rules and more information can be found on the brand’s website.

Make a commitment to explore the great outdoors and embrace a sense of adventure. The MTN DEW Outpost is ready to welcome the DEW Nation. Could you be the next ambassador for the hills of Tennessee?

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