Trolli Sour Bursting Crawlers have candy fans exploding with excitement

Trolli Sour Bursting Crawlers, photo provided by Trolli
Trolli Sour Bursting Crawlers, photo provided by Trolli /

While sour candy offers a punch of flavor, the new Trolli Sour Bursting Crawlers are exploding with deliciousness. From the intriguing flavor combinations to the contrasting textures, this new candy will be crawling its way into your favorite choice.

Trolli has always prided itself with being weirdly delicious. From its playfulness with pop culture, like Deadpool, and celebrating its biggest fans, like the collaboration with James Harden, the candy brand has always looked to stand out in a crowd.

While sour candy had once been a trend, it has become a staple. Sitting side by side with pure sweetness and creamy chocolate, the combination of sweet and sour will never fade from the popularity.

Now, sweet and sour candy brands are looking to set themselves apart with innovation. It is more than just adding spice as the unexpected. The changes in textures and a little extra burst brings more excitement to the eating experience.

What are the Trolli Sour Bursting Crawlers flavors?

The newest candy in the Trolli line, the Trolli Sour Bursting Crawlers, come in four flavor combinations. They are “Cherry Gummi with Pineapple center, Strawberry Gummi with Grape center, “Blue Raspberry Gummi with Strawberry center, and Mango gummi with Fruit Punch center.”

While Trolli says that this candy “satisfies a multisensory experience,” the enjoyment comes not just from the gummi and the bursting center. It is their choice of flavor combinations that make candy lovers come back for more.

Looking at the flavors, the combinations are unexpected. While cherry lime is common, cherry and pineapple are a twist. A touch more sweet, it pairs better with all the other flavors in the bag.

All of the flavor combinations seem to take playfulness into consideration. It will be curious to see how combining a few candies together create unexpected eating experience. The Mango gummi with Fruit Punch center should go well with the Cherry Gummi with Pineapple Center. It could create a new tropical flavor.

The Trolli Sour Bursting Crawlers are hitting stores now. They will be available in three different sized bags. Check with grocery and convenient stores for pricing and availability.

Overall, the new Trolli gummi should be a hit with people who are drawn to that weirdly awesome brand. Standing out in a sea of sameness has never been a problem for Trolli.