Ruffles and LeBron James redefine owning your ridges

Lebron James for Ruffles, Ruffles D.N.A Campaign, photo provided by Ruffles
Lebron James for Ruffles, Ruffles D.N.A Campaign, photo provided by Ruffles /

Celebrating uniqueness has become a mantra for Ruffles. While the brand’s iconic ridges have long stood out on the snack aisle, that chip is more than just a satisfying snack. In this new partnership with LeBron James, the pair celebrate the differences that make everyone a star on their own court.

Being unique isn’t always easy. Over the past year, Ruffles has encouraged people to celebrate the journey to defining themselves. Whether there are bumps in the road or potholes along the way, the journey to accepting yourself as an individual deserves all the accolades.

Even though people long to find a connection within their community, it doesn’t mean that conforming to another’s vision is necessary. When each individual adds his layer to the collective, that ridge stands even stronger.

In some ways, this new partnership between Ruffles and LeBron James celebrates not only the uniqueness of the individual but also the strength of the community that supports them. Through the collective effort, the positive message could be one to make waves for years to come.

LeBron James for Ruffles
Lebron James for Ruffles, photo provided by Ruffles /

For James, that empowering message is meant to engage people. As James shared, “I knew right away that with Ruffles, we had an opportunity to approach this partnership and the product in a way that’s never been done before. The idea of owning your ridges and embracing what makes us all different resonates with me on a lot of levels.”

While many people will be touched by Ruffles D.N.A campaign stories, the idea is to showcase that food, community and culture are connected in a meaningful way. According to Stacy Taffet, vice president of marketing, Frito-Lay North America, “Just like LeBron is more than an athlete, Ruffles is on a journey to become more than a chip starting with our Ruffles D.N.A. Campaign.”

Starting on Christmas Day, the new ad campaign looks at people who have overcome obstacles. While the path might not have been smooth, those elements make each individual who they are. Even as people cheer for the successes and praise the glory, the valleys that led to those peaks are just as important.

Taffet states, “Own Your Ridges is all about embracing the challenges that have shaped who we are today, and we’re excited to bring this mission to life in a whole new way with LeBron James as the face of the campaign because he’s the perfect embodiment of someone who overcame his challenges in life to become one of the most successful athletes in history. We hope this campaign inspires others to celebrate the things in life that make them who they are – no matter how difficult those experiences might be.”

As many people reflect at the end of a year, the timing of this campaign launch is important. Even though many people would like to forget the struggle, that part is what should be celebrated. Many people can wallow in the difficult crevices and never find the way up. Those who appreciate that the highs and lows of each ridge are the ones who deserve the cheers even more.

When the Ruffles D.N.A campaign plays, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the Kendrick Lamar song and the visuals but let the uniqueness of each story linger a little longer. Even though it might sound a little cliché, take a moment during that enjoyment of that ridged chip and think of something that makes you special. Whether you are a little rough around the edges or perfectly symmetrical, each ridge tells a part of a journey to that unique self.