5 places to grab a coffee on Christmas Day 2021

Stay up too late waiting for Santa? Need a little break from the family? Luckily there are a few places where you can escape and grab a coffee on Christmas Day. Sometimes being a little extra caffeinated can make the holiday chatter a little more bearable.

Even if the holiday brunch has a mug at every place setting, the reality is that some people prefer that special latte or cold brew at a favorite restaurant. Whether it is a routine or just a preference, not all coffee is the same.

Then again, it might be a craving to just get some quiet space. No matter the reason, there are options to get a coffee on Christmas Day 2021. Ready to jump in the car.

Which places are open to have a coffee on Christmas Day 2021?


For lovers of that toasted white chocolate mocha, there is good news. According to Offers.com, many Dunkin locations will be open on Christmas Day. While store hours may vary, it is best check before heading out. And, it is totally permissible to grab some donuts to go with that coffee.


Staying up late for Santa can create quite a hunger. Luckily, IHOP restaurants will be open on Christmas Day. Although the restaurants might have reduced hours, those pancakes will be flipping. And, if you have a big group, consider the Holiday Family Feast Breakfast. Priced at $24.99, it can feed four people, or it can be the hearty option for a couple teenagers.


Although McDonald’s franchises hours can vary, some restaurants will be open on Christmas Day. If you’re traveling over the river to grandma’s, that McCafe can help keep everyone energized on the journey.


From that Peppermint Mocha to a Frappuccino, there is a holiday beverage waiting to bring a little extra cheer. While it is best to check with each location, many Starbucks locations will be serving on the holiday.

Waffle House

While that waffle or those hashbrowns are calling, the coffee at Waffle House is piping hot. Be sure to check with each location for operating hours, but there is some smothered and covered waiting to be enjoyed with that coffee.

What Christmas food traditions do you have? Do you prefer to eat out on a holiday?