Einstein Bros Bagels brings Take & Toast Bagels to Walmart

From breakfast to dinner, there is always room for another bagel. Now Einstein Bros Bagels has brought its iconic flavors to Walmart with the Take and Toast Bagels line. With National Bagel Day rolling around the corner, don’t let there be a hole in the celebration.

Over the past year, Einstein Bros Bagels has sought to innovate the bagel space. Beyond the schmear, the brand has shown that the bagel can be transformed in many ways. From a sweet variety that is a borderline dessert option to a hearty menu items, that bakery item has a plethora of options.

Even though many people took to baking bread, there is a secret to a great bagel. The contrast between the chewy dough and the crisp exterior is what makes for a perfect bite. Although many people enjoy placing an order at the bakery, that idea isn’t always the easy choice.

With the Take & Toast Bagels now available “more than 3,500 Walmart stores,” everyone can have a taste of the classic flavor that has become a favorite. By creating a way to get a bakery like flavor experience at home, that taste has become more convenient.

As Ernie Mattin, head of consumer packaged goods, Einstein Bros. Bagels commented, the Take and Bake Bagels are an extension of the brand’s bagel innovation. The idea is to give consumers “taste of America’s best bagels” but at a location where they are doing their other shopping.

The Take and Bagels “have no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or high-fructose corn syrup, making them the best off-the-shelf option to get your bagel fix almost anywhere in the United States.” Four bagel flavors are available, Plain, Everything, Cinnamon Raisin, Asiago, which represent the most popular flavors from the brand.

The expansion into stores is important the brand. In many ways, this concept strengthens the connection between brand and consumer. These bagels aren’t just a special stop. It becomes part of the routine. Now there is no reason for satisfying that craving.

Whether served with butter, a schmear or even some nut butter, tasty bagels are rolling out of the home kitchen on onto the table. Ready to get toasting?