5 Universal Orlando dishes that deserve another taste

From Butterbeer to seasonal treats at the Tribute Store, the Universal Orlando food tempts guests at every corner. While there are many tried and true favorites and other iconic dishes, these five Universal Orlando dishes need their moment to shine. Are you ready for another taste?

While the Velocicoaster promises a thrilling adventure and the Wizarding World is full of magic, many theme park guests are enticed by food. Recently, Universal Orlando and its chefs have been pushing the culinary creativity during special events. From the Mardi Gras event that offers a Carnaval of Flavors to the Halloween Horror Nights with its iconic pizza fries, the delectable dishes make the whole event even more entertaining.

Although the special event food entices, the reality is that many of the regular menu items deserve a second, third or more taste. Sometimes the best bites are hidden in plain view. After walking past that one restaurant over and over, isn’t it time to cross over the threshold and take a seat?

Have you tried these Universal Orlando dishes?

BBQ Roasted Jack Fruit Salad – Monster Cafe

While there are perilous platters and monstrous dishes to be enjoyed at the Monster Café, the BBQ Roasted Jack Fruit Salad is one that needs more recognition. Although vegetarians have long appreciated the versatility of jack fruit, even the biggest carnivore will devour this dish.

The BBQ flavor on the jack fruit satisfies. Served with grains, kale, mixed greens and spinach, this salad offers all the goodness to offer the energy to stomp through the park. Choosing a healthy eating option has never tasted better.

Green Eggs and Ham Tots – Green Eggs and Ham Café

While Who Hash is iconic, there is something that is just perfectly nostalgic about the Green Eggs & Ham Tots. Who didn’t want some green eggs a breakfast for that special occasion?

This Universal Orlando dish is a hearty meal. Parents will not want to share with kids and vice versa. And, the green eggs are tasty with its pesto, not food coloring. But, the cheese sauce can be a little rich, so be cautious when enjoying this meal before riding a big roller coaster.

Jacket Potato at London Taxi Hut

While the Knight Bus casts a shadow on the London Taxi Hut, it shouldn’t have people forgetting about one of the great food finds at Universal Orlando. The Jacket Potato is one of the tastiest, cost-effective foods at Universal Orlando.

From the Shepherd’s Pie option to Beans & Cheese to Broccoli & Cheese, these huge potatoes are under $10 and that is no magic. Even though the dining experience inside the Wizarding World has its perks, this food option is one that always delivers a great bite.

Sweet and Sour Sticky Ribs – Confisco Grille

When guests enter Islands of Adventure, they know that the first step is just the beginning of the journey. Although it might be hard to stop for a big meal right upon entering, Confisco Grille might be the best way to end the day. The global flavors on this inspired menu makes it the perfect hearty dinner.

After revamping the menu a little while back, the menu took a more elevated approach and the Sweet and Sour Sticky Ribs with goat cheese polenta is a must try. Although the ribs are the star of the dish, it is the pairing with the polenta that makes this a plate to remember. With the perfect punch of umami, it is a foodie’s favorite.

Fork, Knife and Spoon Grilled Cheese – Mythos Restaurant

Consistently rated the best theme park restaurant, Mythos Restaurant is always a popular choice. From the pad thai to the risotto, the food is as impressive as the view.

For anyone who has never ordered the Fork, Knife and Spoon Grilled Cheese, it must be done at least once. Although much is said about the presentation, it is that combination of cheese, pork belly, tomato soup and chips that makes creating the perfect bite irresistible.

What are you favorite Universal Orlando dishes? What ones should have been on this list?