New Klondike Cones flavors are inspired by favorite candies

New Klondike Cones flavors, photo provided by Unilever
New Klondike Cones flavors, photo provided by Unilever /

While that classic question, what would you do for a Klondike Bar rings in people’s heads, the new Klondike Cones flavors are more than just another frozen dessert. Inspired by favorite candies, these five new flavors are almost like having two desserts in one. Does that mean that you have to do two things to enjoy this frozen dessert?

When Klondike added its Cones line many people appreciated the handheld frozen dessert with contrasting flavors and textures. The swirl top indicates a little whimsy in the eating enjoyment. Followed by the core sauce that is enjoyed in every bite, this frozen dessert is not only tasty, but it is fun to eat.

Klondike Cones flavors new for 2022
Klondike Cones adds five new flavors flavors, photo provided by Unilever /

What are the new Klondike Cones flavors?

According to a company announcement, the five new Klondike Cones flavors are “Coocoo for Caramel, Vanilla Caramel Classic, Cookies ‘n Cream, REESE’S Peanut Butter, and REESE’S Chocolate.” For candy fans, they will be making a run to the freezer aisle.

Looking at the two REESE’S flavors, they are quite indulgent. While the combination of chocolate and peanut butter is a classic, the added crunch from the crispy wafter cone makes each bite even more satisfying. Although never shying away from the sweetness, that touch of salty peanut butter keeps the balance in check.

While many people will be drawn to the candy influenced flavors, it is interesting to see that caramel has a huge influence on these offerings. Although the caramel brings the sweetness, the crunchy roasted peanuts bring a touch of saltiness. For those people who like salted caramel, this ingredient combination is a different take. That combination of flavor and texture will be a huge hit.

Lastly, the Cookies and Cream option is important for this line. Since cookies and cream is always a popular ice cream flavor, it makes sense that Klondike should have this flavor in its Cones line.

Since it can be hard to decide on one flavor, Klondike is making it easy to try them all. The new flavors will be available in multi-packs. The offerings include “Coocoo for Caramel & Vanilla Caramel Classic, a cookie lover pack with Cookies ‘n Cream & Nuts for Vanilla, and a REESE’S peanut butter and chocolate fan pack with REESE’s Peanut Butter & REESE’S Chocolate.” Even narrowing down the buying decision to just one of these multi-packs can be difficult.

The classic question is on the table. What would you do for one of these new Klondike Cones flavors?