How to get free Super Bowl snacks from Ibotta

As the countdown to the Big Game quickens, the ability to get free Super Bowl snacks is a huge win for everyone. Ibotta is offering the Big Game Bundle, and everyone will have the best football food spread. Isn’t saving money the biggest winning move?

From holidays to special occasions, Ibotta helps consumers save money. Given rising costs, being able to save a few shopping dollars here and there can make a big difference in a family’s budget.

When it comes to the final game of the NFL season, even people who do not know a slant pass from an end around gather around the screen on that Sunday night. From watching the commercials to cheering for the halftime show, it is a moment when people come together for the cultural experience.

And, when people gather, there is usually plenty of food on the table. Since an empty plate is never a good idea at a big gathering, hosts need to have a bounty of offerings. But, no one wants to empty the wallet to make the table overflowing with food.

Ready to get free Super Bowl snacks with the Ibotta Big Game Bundle?

Ibotta has a simple concept, helping consumers with their shopping budgets. While that in-pocket savings is huge, the brand has found ways to be more than more pennies in the bank. Now it looks to give back while still offering great deals.

With the Big Game Bundle, the 100% cash back offering includes the following free food items:

Red Baron frozen pizza select varieties, any size

Bubly Sparkling Water for any flavor, any variety, 8 pack only

Mission Tortilla Chips for any variety, 13 oz. bag only

Kraft Shredded Cheese for any variety, 8 oz. only

Litehouse Dip & Spread for any variety, 15.5 fl. oz. only

Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough for any variety, 16.5 oz. only

According to Ibotta, “the total cash back value is $24.” Looking at the list of food, it covers many of the basics. From beverages to desserts, it checks most of the boxes.

While many people will focus on the free food, it is more than just that offer. The Ibotta promotion supports Feeding America.

As Rich Donahue, Ibotta CMO, said, “For any big football game, teamwork happens on and off the field. The Big Game Bundle is an opportunity for everyone celebrating at home to have a great spread for hosting while at the same time coming together to help people in need.”

According to Ibotta, “every Big Game qualifying pizza offer redeemed between January 19, 2022 through February 8, 2022, Ibotta will donate $1 to Feeding America, up to $50,000.” Even if you want to make chicken wings, pulled pork sandwiches or other main meal, this offer is too good to pass up.

What will you be serving for the Big Game? Will the free Super Bowl snacks change your menu?