2022 Epcot Festival of the Arts desserts that are worth the splurge

While Disney chefs are pushing the food envelope more and more, these 2022 Epcot Festival of the Arts desserts have many people eating dessert first, second and last. From impeccable presentations to surprising flavors, foodies will be living the sweet life at Disney Parks.

Since the culinary arts are on display during this Epcot festival, the Disney chefs have woven deliciousness and stunning visuals into every plate. From colorful creations to surprising ingredients, these desserts will leave a lasting impression with every guest.

Top 2022 Epcot Festival of the Arts desserts picks.

Some popular desserts have returned to the Epcot Festival of the Arts menu. From the always popular Frangipane Cake at Pop Eats to the Opera Cake at Pastoral Palate, these favorites always deliver deliciousness.

But, some of the new offerings will have people snapping a picture and maybe even going for seconds, or thirds. While some people might try to share desserts, it might be hard to decided who gets the last bite.

Deco Delights

Basically a dessert centric booth, all the plates are as delicious as they are pretty. Many people are picking the Orange Mousse dessert because of the vibrant color. While the pretty pastel meringue and bright colors entice, the flavors are quite balanced. On a warm afternoon, the dessert is very light.

For a more over the option, consider the Decadent Valrhana Chocolate. The contrasting textures with the various chocolates make this dessert a top choice. It might be best to have this dessert as the last bite of the day.

The Artist’s Table

Sometimes drinking dessert is a delightful choice. The sipping chocolates are a must, especially the “adult” version with the Mozart Cream Liqueurs. Word of note, make sure to give those adult sipping chocolate a stir before drinking. It is best to have a little of the Mozart Cream Liqueur in each sip versus just that floater.

Vibrante & Vivido Encanto Cocina

While everyone loves the movie Encanto, the special dessert is as bright and refreshing as the movie itself. The Passion Fruit Mousse is tart yet not overpowering. With a touch of Dragon Fruit Jam, it will have everyone singing its praises.

Deconstructed Dish

Always at popular marketplace at Festival of the Arts, this year’s dessert offering has everyone asking for seconds. The Deconstructed Key Lime Pie is a sight to see but more importantly it allows everyone to play with their food. Each bite is a choose your own adventure. And, many home cooks will want to learn how to recreate that flexible key lime curd.

The Donut Box

In what has become a favorite marketplace across all the Epcot Food Festivals, the Donut Box delivers a great mix of sweet treats that prove donuts are not just for breakfast. From donuts and ice cream to chocolate delight, it makes you wish that these donuts are sold by the dozen for takeout.

These Epcot Festival of the Arts desserts are just a small sampling of the many food offerings at the various marketplaces. The festival guidebook has all food, beverage and dessert listings.

2022 International Festival of the Arts runs now through February 21. Theme park reservations are required and Disney Parks follows health and safety protocols.