Homesick answers the longing for The Bahamas island vacation

Homesick for The Bahamas, photo provided by Visit Bahamas
Homesick for The Bahamas, photo provided by Visit Bahamas /

From digging out of snow or whirling winds leave you chilled to the bone, a tropical vacation seems to call in the most longing way. With National Plan For Vacation Day, it might be time to satisfy that sense of wanderlust. Luckily Homesick and The Bahamas are ready to fill the home with the sweet aromas of that ultimate escape.

Sometimes a scent or aroma can bring back a memory, fill a sense of longing or even capture a touch of wonder. Just like the food in the oven tempts, other scents might have people planning that dream vacation. Even if the swimsuit might be buried in the closet, it could be time to think about that next vacation.

Homesick has been able to capture that perfect scent that makes people remember certain places. From particular locales to certain events to even a state of mind, lighting that candle brings back a flood of memories. Whether people gaze into the flame and wonder or close their eyes and think back, that little flicker can light a desire to get off the couch.

As Lauren Lamagna, General Manager at Homesick, said “Throughout the last two years as travellers have had to postpone their trips and vacations, we’ve seen a surge in customers using our fragrances to feel connected to some of their favorite places around the world.”

Recently, Homesick partnered with The Bahamas to celebrate the island nation and capture a touch of that atmosphere. Building on the idea that scent has the power to connect people, this particular candle offers a taste of “fresh, tropical fragrance.” Even the blankets are piled high, that first whiff can have people longing for those sandy beaches.

The Bahamas candle features scents of pineapple, coconut milk and even salty sea air. Each layered scent captures certain features of the island. From the infamous pink sand beaches to Eleuthera’s pineapple fields, the hope is that it will spark people’s desire to plan that next vacation day and hopefully it will be to The Bahamas.

The scent of the islands can be part be purchased from $34. Each candle burns for 60-80 hours, which could offer a little vacation from the daily grind. More information can be found online.