Pizza Hut cranks up the flavor with new Spicy Lover’s Pizza

Pizza Hut Spicy Lover's Pizza, photo provided by Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut Spicy Lover's Pizza, photo provided by Pizza Hut /

After taking pizza fans to The Edge and filling the crust with cheesy goodness, the new Spicy Lover’s Pizza from Pizza Hut brings the heat. While the first bite doesn’t scorch the palate, the bold flavor will have people coming back for another bite. Which pizza will earn the first food order?

Some people are quite particular about their pizza. From a type of crust to the right combination of toppings, the reality is that creating the most desirable bite can cause a heated debate.

While pizza trends have taken many directions, spicy has not necessarily been a hot topic. Although some restaurants have drizzled hot sauces, there is a difference between a condiment and a spicy pizza. Sure, that touch of spicy honey is a flavor boost, but some people want more than just pockets of heat.

According to Georgeanne Erickson, chief brand officer, Pizza Hut, “No other national pizza (quick service restaurant) is offering spicy pizza in the space.” While Pizza Hut has never been afraid to forge its own path, this new offering seems to capture the popular spicy food trend in its own way.

Described as a balanced spice, the Spicy Lover’s Pizza is available in three flavors, Spicy Double Pepperoni, Spicy Hawaiian Chicken and Spicy Veggie. Each pizza features “Fiery Flakes” and sliced red chilis.

While Fiery Flakes might produce fear in the spice adverse, the truth is that the cheese on the pizza will temper the flames. Just like milk helps take away the spiciness, the cheese can help keep the spiciness from being overpowering.

Looking at the three offerings, the Spicy Veggie might be the pizza that best delivers the bold flavors. A combination of vegetables with the chilis could have people longing to eat their veggies.

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The Pizza Hut Spicy Lover’s Pizza is available now for a limited time. Maybe if enough people crave these offering, it could come back to the menu after this short duration.

What other Pizza Hut food trends would you like to see the restaurant brand adopt? Is there a food trend that is just wanting to be transformed into a pizza?