Pizza Hut The Edge pizza pushes the flavor boundaries to the extreme

Pizza Hut The Edge, returns photo provided by Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut The Edge, returns photo provided by Pizza Hut /

Continuing the newstalgia story, Pizza Hut The Edge pizza is making its triumphant return to food menus. While the perfectly thin crust has just the right crunchy texture, the smothering of toppings is what brings people back to devour another bite. Flavor to the extreme has never tasted so good.

While Pizza Hut might be known for its iconic hand tossed pizza and even that personal pan pizza that was a reward for the Book It program, the reality is that the popular pizza company is always looking to blend new and familiar. It isn’t new for new sake. Instead, the brand finds ways to bring the food, flavors and ingredients that people remember fondly back to the table in an innovative way.

With the Pizza Hut The Edge pizza, the beloved thin crust pizza with toppings that cover the entire pizza is that perfect bite of familiar yet exciting. Although this pizza was available way back in 1997, it hasn’t been on the menu in a while. Fans who has asked for its return will be excited to see the pizza back for a limited time.

As David Graves, general manager, Pizza Hut shared, “The Edge is a pizza our customers constantly ask us to bring back. Anyone who loves thin crust pizzas loaded with toppings will love the Edge. The bold flavor and aroma of the Edge Seasoning will instantly transport you back to a Pizza Hut.”

What makes the Pizza Hut The Edge pizza so crave worthy?

Sometimes certain flavor combinations are irresistible. Many food fans appreciate that the perfect bite is a combination of flavors and textures. The Edge captures that balance perfectly.

Pizza Hut The Edge pizza returns to menus
Pizza Hut The Edge, photo provided by Pizza Hut /

It starts with the crust, which is the Thin N’ Crispy dough. With a hint of butteriness but with a perfectly crisp bottom, the crust stands up to all the toppings. It is that crunch satisfaction that leaves you feeling good after that first slice but still wanting another piece.

Covering that thin crust is a sweet, red sauce. While Pizza Hut has a variety of sauces on the menu, this red sauce is specific for The Edge. Highlighting the sweetness of the tomatoes, it is the surprise flavor element. A little unexpected but the right choice to balance all the other flavors, the sweet red sauce will make you appreciate that thin crust even more.

Lastly, the savory herb seasoning might be the flavor that you wish Pizza Hut bottled for sale. The combination of garlic, herbs and cheese brings all the flavors together. It is almost like the umami note that makes you take a moment to contemplate that bite. Begging you to figure out all the components, it keeps you from inhaling another piece because you want to savor that flavor.

Truthfully, Pizza Hut needs to add The Edge seasoning to its menu as a one-off purchase. It would boost flavor in a simple pasta dish, some garlic bread or even a plain chicken breast. If other brands can sell their sauce, Pizza Hut needs to start selling this seasoning, or at least offering a little extra packet with a pizza order.

How many options of the Pizza Hut The Edge pizza are there?

With this pizza’s return to the menu, there will be four recipes available. The Ultimate, The Carnivore, The Vegetarian and The Pepperoni Lover’s. Although there isn’t a plain cheese option on the menu, it is ok. You will want all the toppings on this pizza.

For guests who recall that first taste back in the 90s, The Ultimate is the must try. Covered with copious amounts of pepperoni, Italian sausage, green peppers, onions and Roma tomatoes, it is amazing to see how that thin crust stands up to all the toppings. Combining those items with the sweeter sauce and the herbs makes for the perfect bite.

In addition, the thin pizza with all those toppings seems to have a “snackable” feel. Since the Pizza Hut The Edge pizza is cut into 16 square-ish pieces (the center pieces are square), it makes for an easy grab and go bite. Or, it makes it easy to finish a whole pizza and not quite realize it.

The Pizza Hut The Edge pizza is available for a limited time. While the exact duration is unclear, it is best to place an order sooner versus later. Like any limited-edition food offer, it could disappear before you know it.

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What is your favorite Pizza Hut pizza? Are you craving a piece of The Edge?