Hormel Chili Cheese Keg is changing football tailgating forever

Hormel Chili Cheese Keg, photo provided by Hormel
Hormel Chili Cheese Keg, photo provided by Hormel /

Football fans take the food spread very seriously. From the snacks served throughout the game to the big meal at halftime, food makes the celebration sweeter and the loss more bearable. Although some big events might have a keg dispensing that beverage refreshment, the Hormel Chili Cheese Keg might be the tailgating innovation that is a game changer.

Certain foods are traditional game day fair. From those nachos to even a hot dog, many people seem to have a huge hunger during the game. Even if eating chip after chip is a nervous habit, the reality is that football food needs to be convenient. As many chefs have commented, no one wants to spend the big game in the kitchen by themselves.

How can you get the Hormel Chili Cheese Keg?

As the big game approaches, many food brands find innovative ways to elevate that spread. From special recipes to new flavors, no one wants that feast to feel stale.

Hormel believes that its Hormel Chili Cheese Keg can bring that excitement to the table. As Corrine Hjelmen, Hormel Chili Brand Manager said, “We thought what better way to show our fans how Hormel Chili can pour on the excitement than by creating a never-before attempted innovation – the Hormel Chili Cheese Keg – that would become the life of their Big Game party.”

Although your friend dressed in all the best game day gear might long to be the life of the party, the reality is that this food innovation might get everyone capturing the moment. From the first tap to the last drop, there is plenty chili cheese dip to be enjoyed.

To be clear, this keg is really for a big party, or for some people with hearty appetites. The keg holds five gallons of Hormel Chili Cheese dip, which is “nearly three hundred 4 oz servings.”

Given the amount of food, it begs the question. How will people serve all this deliciousness? Sure, there are nachos, chips and even potato skins. But, what other creative ideas could be out there. Although there is probably no dessert option, isn’t there some creative cook that can push the envelope. It is a lot of chili cheese dip, and no one wants to waste food.

Although there would be many people who would happily buy their own Chili Cheese Keg, it is not available in stores. More information on how to enter to win this epic game day item can be found online.

Even though only one person will be able to tap into that greatness, food innovation is waiting to be discovered. Maybe someone could create their own chili fountain in the future.