Joy Bauer shares some sharp thinking, nutritious egg inspiration, interview

Joy Bauer for Incredible Egg, photo provided by Incredible Egg
Joy Bauer for Incredible Egg, photo provided by Incredible Egg /

When Joy Bauer appears on the screen many people stop, listen, and bookmark those tasty recipes that that filled with smart nutritional choices. The well-respected healthly eating authority and Today contributor, Bauer knows that good food choices need to come with a sense of approachability. From easy swaps to creative flavors, there are no excuses for not having options during meal time.

Recently, Joy Bauer spoke to FoodSided about her partnership with the Incredible Egg and its Complete Training Table Contest. Although training might have a particular connotation, this concept isn’t just for the athlete or weekend warrior. It is showcases how eggs can fit into balanced, healthy eating.

While the phrase progress not perfection might be mantra followed by some, the reality is that having a variety of foods is key to any balanced lifestyle. Since Bauer believes in making smart, approachable choices, eggs easily fit into that food plan.

As a nutritionist and dietician, Bauer commented on how food trends sometime impact people’s perspective on certain foods. For example, she mentioned how previously people thought about ditching the yolk and just focusing on the egg whites. But, Bauer said there is better reason to the whole egg.

Bauer shared that the yolk contains choline, which “is really important for brain development” throughout people’s lives. Although it is “one of these nutrients that we don’t talk enough about,” it is one that needs to be part of the conversation.

She goes onto explain that choline is important for “brain development” as well as “cognitive function.” From pregnant women to school aged kids to even the older generation, it is vital for all ages.

In addition, it “helps with memory, with mood, and with clearer thinking.” In some ways, it adds a whole new perspective to that Incredible Egg description.

Why does Joy Bauer always have eggs in her refrigerator?

After discussing one of the many health benefits of Incredible Eggs, Bauer shared that she always has eggs in her refrigerator. Luckily, she has a wide array of “fuss-free, last minute” dishes that can go from crack to plate in a matter of minutes.

One recipe that Bauer recommended is a simple mug omelet. That idea is even one that older kids can make for themselves. While there needs to be a little caution with the heating time, it is a recipe that offers a lot of versatility.

Bauer recommended using that mug omelet as a way to get some extra veggies into the daily food plan. From some greens to even some peppers, the options are many. For her, a few fresh herbs, onion and garlic are always a winning combination. Plus, all the variety helps to keep the recipe from becoming boring.

Since Bauer is part of the Incredible Egg Complete Training Contest, she believes that there are a plethora of recipes showcasing the versatility of eggs. And, with the #EggsOnTheTrainingTable cooks everywhere can share and be inspired by all the tasty dishes. While there might be a dozen eggs in that carton, there are multiple dozens of recipes to be enjoyed.

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Isn’t it time to get cracking into some tasty healthy eating choices? What is your best creative recipe using eggs?