Baskin Robbins Secret Admirer is the sweetest love expression

Baskin Robbins Valentine's Day offerings, photo provided by Baskin Robbins
Baskin Robbins Valentine's Day offerings, photo provided by Baskin Robbins /

The old love poem about red roses has a different flavor this year. The Baskin-Robbins Secret Admirer Valentine’s Day offering could have many people’s hearts go aflutter. Is there someone special who will accept this ice cream scoop?

Valentine’s Day is always about the little extra indulgence. While many people opt for chocolates, candy and other desserts, ice cream is always a top choice. Whether served in a cone or in a bowl, that scoop of frozen delight can melt anyone’s heart.

This year, the Baskin-Robbins Secret Admirer ice cream is described as “pink cake flavored ice cream, swirled with an unexpected rose ice cream and sealed with a sweet strawberry ribbon.” While that description might make Cyrano de Bergerac proud, there is a lot of flavor to unpack in that statement.

Of course, the color will entice as many people as the name does. Who wouldn’t want a scoop of a pretty pink ice cream for Valentine’s Day? But the flavor is quite intriguing. Adding rose to ice cream, especially at a large scale quick service restaurant, shows that consumers are willing to step out of the vanilla box.

As Jeanne Bolger, Director of Research & Development for Baskin-Robbins, said, “The launch of Secret Admirer builds on our history of high-quality flavor innovation, offering unique elements like real rose extract that our guests may have never experienced before alongside familiar flavors.” That sense of “intriguing and festive” seems to be in every spoonful.

Does the Baskin-Robins Secret Admirer deserve a box of chocolates, too?

Returning again this year, the Box of Chocolates Cake is the brand’s take on that classic Valentine’s Day gift. In addition to a favorite ice cream flavor, the combination of rich fudge and milk chocolate candies is swoon worthy. Sometimes the best gift is the one that makes a big statement.

The Box of Chocolate Cake is offered in two sizes, large and small. It can be ordered online or in stores, where available.

This Valentine’s Day don’t put romance on the back burner. Let go of those inhibitions and express those feelings in a grand romantic gesture. Ready to reveal yourself as that secret admirer?