Easy Valentine’s Day desserts that look like you made a big effort

The small Indulgence box is shown Jan. 28 at MKE Charcuterie. It sells for $24.Charcuterie Boards Are Becoming Popular For Valentine S Day
The small Indulgence box is shown Jan. 28 at MKE Charcuterie. It sells for $24.Charcuterie Boards Are Becoming Popular For Valentine S Day /

As February 14 quickly approaches, these easy Valentine’s Day desserts are a simple solution when you forgot to place that special dessert order far in advance. Since a romantic dinner always needs to end on a sweet note, skipping dessert is not an option. Are you ready to satisfy that sweet tooth?

While a box of chocolates can always save the day, just placing that heart shape box on a plate may not earn you extra brownie points. Even if you buy, not bake, there are some simple solutions that show a little creativity. You don’t have to be the next Zac Young, but you might want his flare for the dramatic.

Before narrowing the Valentine’s Day dessert options, it is always important to know your special Valentine’s preferred flavors. If she is allergic to strawberries, do not serve chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. Knowing these little facts are important to a strong relationship.

Everyone can make these easy Valentine’s Day desserts.

Hershey’s Kisses are always a classic Valentine’s Day treat. New this year, Hershey’s Kisses Valentine’s Day Roses with Chocolate Meltaway Center can be the start of a super easy Valentine’s Day dessert. On the package, Hershey’s has a recipe for Meltaway Brownie Bites.

Similar to the classic Blossom cookies, the Hershey’s Kisses are the center of the dessert. While you can make brownie cookies from scratch, there is a simple baking hack.

Buy some store-bought brownie bites and warm them slightly in the oven. As you pull them out of the oven, press the Hershey’s Kisses in the middle and dust with powdered sugar. No one has to know that you didn’t bake those brownies from scratch.

If you do not want to turn on the oven, buy a Viennetta Ice Cream. When this classic ice cream cake returned to store shelves earlier this year, everyone was very excited.

Instead of just serving a slice of the Viennetta ice cream cake on its own, add a little chocolate drizzle or raspberry drizzle, if you prefer. For adults, you could even add a liqueur element. Having a dessert cocktail on Valentine’s Day is acceptable.

Can you make your own easy Valentine’s Day desserts?

One of the biggest food trends has been boards. From cheese to breakfast to dessert, boards have turned into the new way to serve food. Whether it is the ability to graze or just wanting to have it all, a dessert board might be the easiest Valentine’s Day dessert.

The dessert board could be filled with favorite Valentine’s Day candies, cookies or just some chocolate covered fruit. Basically, it is a combination of favorite food and flavors. It cannot get any simpler than this dessert idea.

No matter what you serve for Valentine’s Day, it will be special. Spending time with someone special in your life is the most important. No matter the food that expresses your love language, that message will be appreciated.

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Do you have some suggestions for Easy Valentine’s Day desserts? What are you serving for Valentine’s Day?