C4 Energy launches a taste of the Skittles fruity rainbow

C4 Energy Skittles flavor, photo provided C4
C4 Energy Skittles flavor, photo provided C4 /

While that taste of the rainbow has always delighted people, the new C4 Energy Skittles inspired flavor has everyone talking. After the successful Starburst collaboration, the newest candy influenced beverage is a vibrant sip. Ready to pluck a can from the shelf and discover the extraordinary fruity flavor?

C4 Energy, created by Nutrabolt, has changed the perspective on performance beverage space. It is more than just another boost in energy, While many people in the athletic space appreciate the impact that it has on their training, it is more than just the power to lift another five pounds. The mindset encourages people to strive for more and always put it all out there.

When the brand launched its Starburst collaboration, it added a touch of fun to enjoying that beverage. From people who love that uniqueness of the pink Starburst to the tangy cherry flavor, everyone could find that classic fruity chewy taste transformed into the beverage that supports their active lifestyle.

The partnership between C4 Energy and Mars Wrigley had a huge response. With this next chapter, there is even more excitement. Given how many people are fanatical about that Skittles fruity rainbow, it could bring more people to crack open a can. It looks to disrupt the conversation but in a way that pushes everyone forward.

According to Rajaa Grar, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at Nutrabolt, the C4 Energy Skittles is the full-performance beverage that people expect, but the flavor brings a touch of the unexpected. Specifically, “each sip designed to taste like a handful of Skittles candy.”

To be clear, the flavor inspiration comes from the classic Skittles candies. While it might be hard to pick out a single particular flavor, it is like eating a big handful from the bag. A touch sweet, a little tart and overall quite tasty.

While it would never be called fruit punch, it does capture that rainbow of fruit flavors. More importantly, it adds a little whimsy to the performance beverage space. That old phrase of work hard to play hard seems to be part of every sip.

Given the success of the C4 Energy and Mars Wrigley partnership, it will be interesting to see what other flavors could be on the horizon. Skittles has other flavors. Maybe a fruit punch or a berry forward flavor could be nice.

Looking at the C4 line, it has a plethora of flavors. Although most flavors are fruit forward, maybe it is time to add some mint. Or take fruits in a different direction with a bold tropical flavors, like passion fruit or lychee.

For now, everyone will be popping open the beverage that has everyone sipping on the rainbow. Are you ready to try C4 Energy Skittles?