Quaker Oats cracks open a pregame six-pack for the big game

Quaker Oats Pre-game promotion, photo provided by Quaker Oats
Quaker Oats Pre-game promotion, photo provided by Quaker Oats /

For many people the big game isn’t just four quarters of football action. Preparing before that kick-off is just as important for fans as it is for the players on the field. This year, Quaker Oats wants people to pregame with oatmeal. This six-pack is one that everyone will want to crack open.

As the Big Game approaches many people start menu planning. While the chips and dip might be overflowing, the game time food shouldn’t be the only part of the conversation. Coming to the table with an insatiable hunger does not make for good food choices.

Quaker Oats wants to change the grain conversation around the Big Game. Although some people might want to crack open a can of those beverage grains while cheering the NFC versus AFC matchup, but why should only certain grains come in a six-pack. This year, there is another option.

As part of a special promotion, Quaker Oats is taking the six-pack in a different direction. As Kristin Kroepfl, vice president and chief marketing officer for Quaker North America at PepsiCo said, “At Quaker, we’re here to get fans just as excited about their game day breakfast as they are about watching the Big Game, which is why we created oatmeal canisters specially designed with football viewing in mind.”

To be clear, the oatmeal six-packs are a special promotion. They can only be won and are not available in stores. More information on the chance to win a six-pack can be found on Quaker’s Instagram page.

While this idea is a special promotion, it brings up several concepts. First, a heart-healthy breakfast is important whether it is pregame or any day. Those Quaker Oats have been part of many people’s day. Whether mom said that oatmeal sticks to your ribs on a chilly morning or the grains offer the fuel for a big swim meet, the reality is there are plenty of reasons to have oats in the pantry.

Also, it continues the conversation that breakfast is an important part of the day. While there was a food trend where more families turned breakfast into a family meal, the reality is that having that food in the morning is important to be energized for the day.

Given people’s lifestyles, it is important to have convenience mixed into those breakfast options. While this six-pack option is a fun promotion, Quaker has a variety of food choices that balance the convenience with nutrition. Saying that there’s no time for breakfast is not in the food playbook.

This year don’t forget the pregame pregrain. You don’t want to be the person who didn’t see that epic halftime show, missed the best commercial of the night or can’t recall who kicked the game winning field goal.