Hidden Valley Ranch wants people to stop chicken wing waste

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(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

As the big game approaches, everyone is talking about chicken wings, which means that Hidden Valley Ranch is on the table. And, this year, Hidden Valley Ranch wants to combat chicken wing waste by founding the Coalition Against Wing Waste to help ensure that every last bite is enjoyed.

Chicken wings can cause a heated food discussion. Putting aside the ranch versus blue cheese issue, there are plenty of other food preferences on the table. From drums versus flats to sauce versus rub, the situation can be stickier than a pair of toddler’s hands.

While people can debate flavors, sauces and even when is the best time to use a napkin, there is one food topic that everyone can appreciate. No food should be wasted.

To be clear, chicken wing waste isn’t like that rotating salad bag in the refrigerator. But, it does ask the question, what is the best way to eat a chicken wing in order to ensure that every juicy, flavorful bite is enjoyed.

How is Hidden Valley Ranch helping to reduce chicken wing waste?

Partnering with NFL player Cameron Jordan, Hidden Valley Ranch wants to give some insightful tips so that no wing is wasted. While there will be more than a billion chicken wings eaten during the big game, it can be frustrating if people take one bite yet leave a bunch of deliciousness on the bone. Wings are not a one bite food.

Check out these tips from Hidden Valley Ranch and Cameron Jordan.

It is true that many people have their preferred chicken wing eating method. Whether it is one shared in this clip or another method, the reality is that leaving food behind is not a good choice. This isn’t a time to be polite with food.

At the same time, chicken wings are not really a fork and knife food. Accept that you are going to get messy. Grab some napkins, wear a bib, but don’t leave food behind.

One note of caution, please do not double dip in a shared ranch bowl. No one needs a Seinfield moment during the big game.

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