Dark Matter Coffee and Jägermeister brew a sip of craftsmanship

Jägermeister x Dark Matter Coffee beans and chocolate , photo provided by Jagermeister/Dark Matter Coffee
Jägermeister x Dark Matter Coffee beans and chocolate , photo provided by Jagermeister/Dark Matter Coffee /

At Dark Matter Coffee, their philosophy stems from the idea of “intellectually honest coffee.” While many people cannot start their day without that first sip of caffeine, a truly great cup of coffee is far different than just another average joe. The Dark Matter Coffee and Jägermeister collaboration is one that will have people contemplating the complexities in each cup.

While that bleary eyed stumble to the kitchen might not have people pondering the nuances of sourcing and roasting, that first whiff of a glorious brew can break through that brain fog. Following that first sip that awakens the palate leads people to expect more, better and dread the thought of something not as tasty.

Located in Chicago, Dark Matter Coffee has forged its own path. While “the mothership” might be filled with curious concoctions and creative imagery, the coffee company is more than just prolific prose meant to entice. Blending heritage with innovation, the old and new meet in a way that gets people excited about a beverage that is far from familiar.

While the iconic stag on the label might make Jägermeister instantly recognizable, the legend of the master hunter is more than just a label. The celebratory hunter’s drink has transformed to be the complex flavor that is equally delicious in various cocktails as well as on its own. From pushing boundaries to redefining the rules, that square bottle holds limitless possiblities.


With the Dark Matter Coffee and Jägermeister collaboration, the roast looks to the Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee as inspiration. While the traditional herbal liqueur has 56 herbs, spices and fruits, the depth of flavor is clear. But, not everyone looks to experience that alcoholic sip. With this particular coffee, the flavor is clear but without the alcohol.

Starting with a Guatemalan coffee, the “green coffee has been conditioned with Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur.” Although that coffee language might be understood by some, it basically infuses the coffee with the herbal, floral and spice notes from the liqueur.

When brewed, those flavors are revealed in the cup. A touch spicy, slightly herbaceous and a little sweet, the fruity notes are clear. Although perfection in the morning, this coffee makes for a perfect afternoon break. Like the many layered flavors, it invites the drinker to contemplate the complexities in the cup.

And since coffee doesn’t have to be served alone, Dark Matter Coffee created a “collaborative chocolate bar.” While still drawing from the Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur, the “dark fruit profile” has a luscious quality. A touch intriguing, a little familiar and completely satisfying, this chocolate bar is one that deserves to be savored.

This special coffee collaboration is available for limited time. A bag of coffee is $22 and the coffee and chocolate combination sells for $30.