Does your nut personality impact how you eat mixed nuts?

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It is a simple question, all for one or one at a time, who do you eat mixed nuts? Planters puts that nut debate front and center in its new Super Bowl commercial. But, is eating mixed nuts dependent on your nut personality?

For some people, a can of mixed nuts is a constant on the table. While there are many varieties of that combination of nutty goodness, it is a mixed bag. Some people prefer to grab by the handful, others prefer to carefully enjoy one nut at a time. Does it come down to your nut personality?

As part of its Super Bowl campaign, Planters has brought together Joel McHale and Ken Jeong to try to settle the debate on how to eat mixed nuts. While the two friends and frenemies might enjoy the witty banter, the question is one that might cause a few cracks in the strongest of friendships.

While the commercial is all in good fun, could that eating preference come from nut personality. Recently, Planters partnered with Patti Wood, a body language and human behavior expert. Available online, everyone can determine which nut cracks their personality.

The four personalities are: Powerful Pecan, Playful Pistachio, Clever Cashew and Amicable Almond. While the alliteration in the names is humorous, there is some interesting characteristics that go with those nutty attributes.

For example, the Powerful Pecan likes to dominate the conversation. They tend to grab those nuts by the handful and devour them quickly. It seems likely that they are all in on eating nuts by the handful. No one and done here.

The Clever Cashew is the opposite. Each nut is pondered, examined, and evaluated. They would definitely fall under the one at a time scenario. Whether it is strategy to find the best nut in the mix or just appreciating all the details, that careful consideration can be a good thing.

If you want to take the nut personality test, it is available online. While this quiz is in good fun, it might help to avoid any fighting over the nuts bowl. If you are surrounded by Powerful Pecans, the Clever Cashew might want their own bowl.

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How do you eat mixed nuts? Can you guess your nut personality?