Big game vegan recipes that score with big flavor

Dole big game vegan recipes, photo provided by Dole
Dole big game vegan recipes, photo provided by Dole /

While the bowls might be filled with chips and the beverages might be flowing, it will take more than just snacks and sips to satisfy during the big game. From mindless munching to nervous gulping, there are plenty of reasons why the big game is often filled with huge appetites. Why not give some vegetable forward options with these big game vegan recipes.

The idea of balanced eating has been a popular choice in many households. Beyond the simple phrasing of Meatless Monday or plant-based swaps, the reality is that flavorful, easy vegetable forward dishes are more plentiful. No longer is that wilted bowl of greens the only option.

In some cases, the vegan recipes showcase creativity. Instead of hiding behind a single protein or copious amounts of butter, the flavor comes from the vegetables. While mom might have suggested the benefits of eating the rainbow, many of these recipes make that sentiment easier to swallow.

What big game vegan recipes could be the star of the menu?

While some celebrity chefs have created tasty recipes for the big game, Dole has created several big game vegan recipes that highlight the vegetables, themselves. These twists on classic dishes showcase that favorite flavors can be modified with a plant-forward twist.

As more and more people move away from the negative descriptor labels of certain food choices, people are looking to find ways to transform the way that they think about food. Nothing should be off the table. Instead, cooks are finding ways to create a compromise that puts the focus on flavor, not the label.

Looking at the Dole big game vegan recipes, many of the dishes are riffs on favorites that are loved by young and old. For example, the Baked Broccoli Cheese Tots transform that classic side dish into a flavorful, dippable snack. Whether dipped in ranch or another condiment, this offering is a huge hit.

In a similar vein, the Air Fryer Buffalo Mushrooms transform that popular appetizer with a flavor of Buffalo wings. While the seasoning might be familiar, the vegetable is the star. For a food swap, this recipe is a simple choice that makes for a tasty twist, especially if chicken wings are not readily available.

Lastly, Dole has shown that fries aren’t just limited to potatoes. From bananas to pineapples, other fruits and vegetables can be “French fried.” It could change the response when asked, would you like fries with that.

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Overall, finding some big game vegan recipes isn’t impossible or beyond reach. Isn’t it time to put the plant back into some of those vegetarian food choices?