Easy ways to relieve big game heartburn

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Given that the final game of the NFL season is celebrated with an overwhelming amount of food and beverages, big game heartburn can be as prevalent as those cheers for an epic play. With so many tasty food choices, no one wants to pass over that must have bite. Still, a little knowledge can help to avoid that burning in the belly.

From chicken wings to pizza to chips and dips, many of those foods are a little heavier than the daily meal plan. While it can be good indulge every once and a while, the change can be a little disruptive. Sometimes that burning, touch of pain or just fullness can be a sign of heartburn.

Like planning the menu for the big game, being thoughtful with choice can help to relieve big game heartburn. Enjoying some food that is high in protein can help. Given that some people like to go all out with that big game menu, there is probably at least one option that is high in protein.

One easy way to help avoid heartburn is to avoid overeating. When that full feeling hits, it is best to put the plate down and take a step away.

And, why not take a page from the Thanksgiving playbook. Those stretchy pants might be a smart choice for the big game. Wearing those tight pants or uncomfortable clothes and a full stomach can create pressure, which can lead to heartburn. Why not grab that extra large jersey and lounge a little.

Also, consider getting up and walking around a little. That movement can help keep things moving a little. Even if the game gets a little boring, try not to lay down.

Lastly, if all else fails, grab an antacid like TUMS. As America’s number one antacid brand, it can help alleviate those heartburn symptoms. That bottle might be as important as staying hydrated during the game.

What is your trick to avoid big game heartburn? Do you indulge in a little extra eating during the annual event?