Guy Fieri bets that his new cookware line can create a windfall of deliciousness

(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images) /

As an uber successful chef, restaurateur and culinary personality, Guy Fieri has legions of fans who turn to him as their kitchen guru. From traveling the country to taste the hottest Triple D location to watching hour after hour of his Food Network programming, many people long for that next trip to Flavortown. With his new cookware line, Fieri is betting that foodies will be lining up to step up to the stove.

In a recent announcement, Gander Group has partnered with Fieri to launch a new cookware line. The “kitchen essentials will feature pots, pans, bakeware, casserole dishes, utensils, and grilling accessories.” The new cookware is said to capture the fun and flare associated with the Fieri flavor.

While many home cooks are well-versed in kitchen essentials, this partnership is a little outside the scope. Per the company announcement, the new cookware “will be available to casino guests to support loyalty gifting programs from Gander Group’s 300+ casino partners.”

Often celebrity chefs have partnerships with cookware brands and feature those items in their restaurants. Made In partnered with Tom Colicchio and another chef partner, Grant Achatz features those pans in Alinea.

Even more recently, Gordon Ramsay has highlighted his cookware brand, Hexclad in Next Level Chef. During almost every elimination challenge, those pans are front and center on the screen.

Given that chefs appreciate that a great pan is the starting point to a well-executed dish, it makes sense that they have preferred kitchen essentials. Showcasing those perferred kitchen items in their restaurants or on their televisions shows makes sense. Although the home cook is not guaranteed a successful dish just by cooking in one of these pans, the connection to the favorite chef seems to heighten the cooking experience.

While the Gander Group and Guy Fieri partnership was just announced, it begs the question whether these pans will be featured in Fieri’s food television shows or in his restaurants. It could be a way for the brand to get even more exposure and entice fans to restock the kitchen with more gadgets.

Could home cooks be recreating a version of their own Flavortown in their home kitchen? The new Guy Fieri cookware from Gander Group might be the sizzle that they need. Are you ready to roll the dice?