Bring a spark of romance with easy dessert upgrades

(Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)
(Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images) /

Did you forget to place a special order for special occassion? With bare shelves and limited time remaining, no one wants to have that special day ruined because there was a misunderstanding. Luckily, even non-romantic desserts can be transformed with a little twist or two. It is always better to make some effort than no effort at all and that’s where easy dessert upgrades are the tasty solution.

There is nothing worse than having that special someone feel unwanted or under appreciated. Even if Valetine’s Day may not be the be all end all for some people, it doesn’t mean that someone feels slighted. Sometimes, it is just about the ingenuity.

One easy trick is to head to the baking aisle to “boost” those store bought treats. Have you ever looked how Wilton has a variety of baking decorations that can turn that plain baker cupcake or cookie into a work of art.

While there are plenty of seasonal sugar decorations, it can be as simple as getting some colored sprinkles or sanding sugar to turn simple white buttercream into a colorful display. Sometimes sprinkles can turn anything into a celebration.

For example, why not take various pink and red sanding sugars and make an ombre pattern on some heart shaped cookies. Or, draw and fill in an ombre heart on a plain vanilla sheet cake. Again, it is about the effort that means so much to that special someone.

Or, for those people who want to go all out, consider getting some decorating tips and pipe a flower or even write a simple message on a plain cake. It doesn’t have to perfect, remember it is the effort that counts.

Plus, Wilton has numerous tips, tricks and videos that can turn bland into beautiful. Those plain vanilla cupcakes can turn into a sweet bouquet. It is easier than it seems on those baking shows. And, if it isn’t perfect don’t worry. Real flowers aren’t perfect either.

What’s your tip to turn something simple into something spectacular? Do you ever use the Wilton website to spark some imagination.