Joffrey’s hops forward with new Spring Disney coffee offerings

Joffery's Spring Disney coffee offerings, photo provided by Joffery's Coffee
Joffery's Spring Disney coffee offerings, photo provided by Joffery's Coffee /

As many Disney fans know, Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea is a staple in Disney Parks, resorts and even in the home of Disney fans. Many of the coffee blends are inspired from Disney resorts, restaurants and the iconic characters. With the new Spring Disney Coffee flavors, the excitement brews for a flavorful cup of coffee.

For Spring 2022, the new Spring Disney coffee flavors from Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea are Hoppity Ever After, Banana Bonanza and Minnie Mouse Bloomin’ Brew. The limited time offerings blend sweet, rich and even fruity forward flavors that can add a little magic to that coffee cup.

Looking at the three flavors, the most creative offering is the Banana Bonanza. While bananas might be part of many people’s breakfasts, it isn’t a flavor that is often in coffee. As a medium roast coffee, it will be interesting to see how people respond to this fruit influenced brew.

Joffrey’s describes the coffee as having “banana and sweet brown sugar.” That combination seems to channel a touch of a dessert inspiration. Although not necessarily bananas fosters, the sweet and fruity could lend itself to a variety of food pairings. Just think about how this coffee could be used to highlight a special dish for Easter brunch.

The Hoppity Ever After is more than a wish and a dream. While Joffrey’s does not propose that sipping this coffee will ensure that the day is filled with sunshine and rainbows, the flavor adds a burst of sweetness to the day.

With flavors of caramel and dark chocolate, the medium roasted coffee could be a spark of something special in that coffee cup. Whether drunk on its own or with a little cream, it could have some drinkers longing for this Spring Disney coffee to be their one and only.

Lastly, the Minnie Mouse Bloomin’ Brew is a classic coffee that epitomizes the Disney icon. Featuring 100% Arabica beans, the flavor is well-rounded and versatile. From that first sip of the morning to an afternoon break, the coffee is delightful served in a variety of ways. And, if you wear Minnie ears while enjoying the coffee, that idea is totally acceptable.

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The new Spring Disney coffee offerings from Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea are available via the Joffrey’s website as well as on Amazon. In addition, the coffee is available at the Disney Springs Joffrey’s location. All coffee flavors are available while supplies last.