Tequila Avion celebrates its distinctiveness with Avion Reserva Cristalino

Tequila Avion Cristalino tequila, photo provided by Tequila Avion
Tequila Avion Cristalino tequila, photo provided by Tequila Avion /

In the tequila space, the shelf seems to have become more crowded. From celebrities touting their special spirits to iconic brands that many people have drunk over the years, the agave based spirit and its many options can have people buzzing long before even a sip is enjoyed. While Tequila Avion has always flown to its niche on the shelf, the new Avion Reserva Cristalino looks to make its presence even more crystal clear.

Discussing tequila can sometimes lead to more questions than answers. While many people have learned to appreciate that tequila comes from a particular region in Mexico, the blue agave spirit is not always quite as simple as it seems. Granted, there are many people who appreciate that tequila encompasses a region and a particular plant, the spirit in the bottle is not quite that simple.

Even as tequila drinkers have learned to distinguish the differences between anejo and reposado, the complexity of a great tequila is more than the aging process. It starts with the ingredients, followed by the attention to craft. When all the elements come together into one sip, that drinking experience soars to new heights.

How is Avion Reserva Cristalino a departure for Tequila Avion?

For Tequila Avion, the brand has long believed in the concept of elevating the tequila drinking experience. It is more than quickly drunk libation that is tossed aside like a used lime. There is a willingness to be bold, to embrace what is possible and to be free to push the boundaries a little farther with each new offering.

As the second release in its Reserva Range, the Avion Reserva Cristalino is a celebration of craft. While an aged tequila can often have a golden hue, this offering is crystal clear. The innovation in the bottle seems to take the aged tequila conversation to new heights.

According to Craig Johnson, Vice President of Marketing, Agave Portfolio, the brand focuses on three characteristics, “passion, distinctiveness and authenticity.” From focusing on a single tequila to honing the craft in the distilling process, the Reserva Range is more than just another bottle. It is meant to spark a conversation both in and out of the glass.

Virginia Miller, Avión Cristalino Liquid Design Partner and renowned sprits expert and critic describes the Avion Reserva Cristalino as “a Cristalino with age and complexity, balance and nuance, but one that is a tequila first.”

This offering a blend of anejo and extra anejo tequilas. While aged, the tequila has been filtered so that it is crystal clear. Through the filtration process the florals become more pronounced and fruitiness is heightened. While pouring a glass might let the light shine through, the complexity in the first, next and last sip allows the drinkers to consider the elevated art of craftsmanship in the bottle.

While there are many Tequila Avion options that can be combined into a cocktail, the Avion Reserva Cristalino should be drunk simply, either neat or on the rocks. It is a sip to be celebrated on its own and not muddled with other flavors.

Although this new offering will have many people longing for a sip, it is an investment bottle. Priced at $145, three fingers pour might be more of a celebratory offering.

For those tequila drinkers looking to shed a new light on aged tequilas, the Avion Reserva Cristalino might be the pour that they are longing to enjoy.