Blue Moon LightSky Tropical Wheat is delightfully sessionable

Blue Moon LightSky Tropical Wheat , photo provided by Blue Moon
Blue Moon LightSky Tropical Wheat , photo provided by Blue Moon /

Whether the waves are crashing on the sand or the snow falls in drifts, sometimes a sipping a delightful beverage can be that simple escape. But, that crack of the can needs to satisfy without the subverting a balanced lifestyle. With the new Blue Moon LightSky Tropical Wheat, enjoying this beer might be the refreshing escape that captures the moment.

When Blue Moon launched its LightSky beer, many wheat beer drinkers took notice. While the iconic Blue Moon Wit Beer is always bright and flavorful with its combination of citrus and clove, some beer drinkers wanted a slightly lighter approach. Without compromising on that citrus flavor, the LightSky found a way to bring the perfect refreshment.

In some ways, this Blue Moon offering captured what many beer drinkers wanted, a sessionable beer that didn’t compromise. In a sea of light lagers and carbonated seltzers, the beer fit in a refreshing niche.

As Mara Schaefer, senior director of above premium beer at Molson Coors Beverage Company regarding the launch of Blue Moon LightSky, “we challenged the flavor drinkers expect to find in a light beer and it’s still going strong.” The popularity in the light beer segment was clear.

With the new Blue Moon LightSky Tropical Wheat, instead of the clementine flavor, this beer is infused with pineapple flavor. Although not always a common choice, the pineapple notes add that tropical vibe to each sip. Schaefer commented about this flavor saying, “Tropical Wheat builds on this momentum and what consumers love most about LightSky – its unbelievable flavor and sessionability – with a pineapple-forward flavor proposition.”

In some ways, the sessionability seems to be a trend in beers. More and more drinkers want an option that is light, refreshing and fits within their active lifestyle. It is more than just a one and done. They want a beer that goes from fun in the sun to under the star lit sky.

While wheat beers often use fruit in the flavoring, the use of the pineapple adds a unique twist. Unlike the other citrus fruits, there is a touch of tart with the sweet. It makes the drinker go back for sip after sip.

In addition, the pineapple adds to the pairing options. From burgers on the grill to tacos to even some fresh fish, the options are plentiful. The versatility of this beer makes it a must to have stocked on the shelf.

To encourage everyone to look ahead to the warm sunny days that are on the horizon, Blue Moon is giving away a LightSky TropiCooler. This mini fridge will bring a little island-time to any situation. More information on this beer cooler giveaway can be found online.

While it might not be toes in the sand, that beer in your hand is that taste of the tropics that everyone can appreciate. It is time to crack open a Blue Moon LightSky Tropical Wheat and let those cares drift away.