New Waterloo flavors bring a taste of summer refreshment

Waterloo new flavors, Cherry Limeade and Blackberry Lemonade, photo provided by Waterloo
Waterloo new flavors, Cherry Limeade and Blackberry Lemonade, photo provided by Waterloo /

Once the can is cracked open, that initial aroma sets the expectation. Faster than anyone can imagine that first whiff can transport a person back to a moment, set a scene and create and expectation. As the anticipation grows for that sip, it is more than just a simple refreshment. With the two new Waterloo flavors, Cherry Limeade and Blackberry Lemonade, that taste of nostalgia has everyone thirsty for more.

Waterloo, the Austin based sparkling water company, sets itself apart from the crowd by staying true to its authentic self. Stemming from its initial idea of bridging the gap between traditional soda and sparkling water, the beverage brand found a way to combine the perfect level of carbonation and flavor to create a satisfying refreshment.

That sense of independent thinking and creativity is woven into everything that the brand does. The brand’s flavor innovations blend both nostalgia and food trends. With one sip, that beverage can transport a drinker back to a moment in time yet build anticipation for a sense of something new.

According to Adam Price, SVP of Operations and Flavor Development Lead at Waterloo, flavor authenticity is imperative for the brand. While flavor is the driver, it is more than just single note taste. He stated, “when developing new offerings, we’re also perfecting the aroma, mouthfeel, carbonation and more, to ensure our consumers get the full experience they expect from us.”

What are the two new Waterloo flavors?

That sentiment is clear with the two new Waterloo flavors, Cherry Limeade and Blackberry Lemonade. While lemonade might be the ultimate summer thirst quencher, these beverages are more than just a glass of freshly squeezed juice. It is the combination of sweet, tart and refreshing that makes each one a refreshing sip.

Both new flavors channel those classic summer moments. From the backyard barbecue to tubing down the river to even a day by the lake, it is all about the carefree moments and life’s simple pleasures.

In many ways, these beverages are about that all-day vibe. Just like certain beers are sessionable and meant for the all-day consumption. The flavor leads people to go back for another can.

Looking at the two flavors, the Blackberry Lemonade has a touch of sophistication. From the first whiff that sense of complexity is clear. Whether it is the brightness of the lemon or the sweet, juicy notes of the blackberry, it delights.

Given that the blackberry is the first flavor, it has a slight complexity that is unexpected. Lingering with that lemonade flavor has drinkers going back for another sip. Just like that classic lemonade that grandma made, it is that sipping companion on a hot day.

Thinking about this flavor, it will appeal to many people who are looking for an alcoholic alternative on a summer day, weekend brunch or just a regular dinner. It satisfies and doesn’t make you look for more.

In contrast, the Cherry Limeade is playful. Definitely a sip of nostalgia, it brings back those feelings of the Shirley Temple that kids thought made them so sophisticated. With a maraschino cherry/grenadine forward flavor, it is that sweet-ish sip that makes you feel like a kid again.

Still, the brightness of the lime keeps the beverage from becoming cloying, That touch tart helps to balance the flavor. Just like citrus awakens the palate, this beverage seems to brighten the mood.

For people who are looking for a sweet ending to a meal or an alternative to an overly sugary beverage, this sparkling water could be that perfect ending to a big summer meal. It brings all those flavors of a cherry limeade slush but without any of those negative calorie connotations.

The new Waterloo flavors, Cherry Limeade and Blackberry Lemonade are available in Whole Foods, HEB and other stores. In addition, the flavors will become available in Target and other stores in the near future.

Whether or not there is a rocking chair on the porch, a float in the pool or a hammock under the tree, these new Waterloo flavors bring a taste of nostalgia for summer fun that can transport a person with just one sip.