New lemonade beverages that are summer’s perfect refreshment

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(Photo by Matt Cowan/Getty Images for Stagecoach) /

As a summer thirst quencher, these new lemonade beverages offer a new take on the classic phrase, when life gives you lemons. Whether you prefer a twist on a favorite soda, Dunkin’ refresher or even a hard seltzer, the reality is that lemonade and summer are always a classic food and beverage pairing.

From the backyard barbecue to dinner out to even a day at the beach, these new lemonade beverages will bring refreshment to that hot summer day. While grandma might have made freshly squeezed lemonade, ready made beverages are the simple solution for today’s food enthusiast.

Although many people have different flavor preferences, there is always a balance of sweet yet tart. That tartness brings people back for sip after sip. In many ways, people cannot get enough.

Which new lemonade beverages will you be sipping this summer?

Announced recently, MTN DEW VIBE is a lemonade forward version of the popular beverage. Available only at Which Wich, this lemonade beverage pairs with any of the tasty sandwiches. That combination of citrus flavors is delightful on a hot day.

Chick-fil-A recently turned a secret menu item into an on-the-menu item. The SunJoy, which is a combination of lemonade and iced tea, is delicious with that iconic chicken sandwich.

Dunkin’ has joined the lemonade conversation. The new Dunkin’ Lemonade Refreshers are vibrant and energizing. Available in three flavors, Strawberry flavored lemonade, Peach flavored lemonade, and Blueberry flavored lemonade, each beverage has the balance of sweet yet tart. It might be hard to pick a favorite.

SunnyD added a new lemonade flavor to its line-up. The Raspberry Lemonade has that sweet flavor that people love but with a little berry twist. Whether you pour some over ice or transform it into a popsicle or other treat, this SunnyD flavor needs to be added to the cart.

Hard seltzer is full of lemonade forward choices. From Smithworks to Bud Light to various Naturdays options to ALDI’s Vista Bay, hard seltzer has definitely been making tasty refreshment from all those lemons. From a tad sweet to more tart, there is an option for every flavor preference.

While lemons raining from the sky might not be the best visual, a cooler filled with new lemonade beverages will bring a little more brightness to any summer gathering.

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What are your favorite summer beverages? Do you always have a lemonade on the table during a summer gathering?