Captain Morgan Cherry Vanilla modernizes a classic flavor combination

New Captain Morgan Cherry Vanilla, photo provided by Captain Morgan
New Captain Morgan Cherry Vanilla, photo provided by Captain Morgan /

While many people know that it is a celebration when the Captain arrives, the new Captain Morgan Cherry Vanilla brings a burst of sweetness to the occasion. With a toast to nostalgia but always looking forward, this new liquor has everyone counting down the days to that summer sipper.

Captain Morgan is instantly recognizable. Whether it the pose that everyone knows or the flavor of the tropics, the spiced rum always has a place on the table. From drunk simply over ice to mixed into a cocktail, the flavor seems to make the moment seem brighter, carefree and fun. Like the waves crashing into the shore, that first sip seems to just wash away those cares.

Over the years, Captain Morgan has offered variations on its classic liquor. From Spiced Apple to a seasonal gingerbread, those spiced flavors can meld with many options.

The new Captain Morgan Cherry Vanilla captures a growing food trend, nostalgia. While that cherry vanilla flavor might bring the idea of a soda shop or that sweet treat, it isn’t purely a step back in time. In a way, it takes the familiar and modernizes it.

Described as a “rich creamy vanilla” with the “sweetness of dark cherries,” the sweet highlights the core spices of the Captain Morgan. Just like a touch of salt balances sweet, the spice and sweet are delightful bedfellows. Where one note hits a part of the palate, the other complements it.

As Sam Salameh, Vice President of Captain Morgan said, “We wanted to give people the comfort of a flavor they love, our spiced rum, with a twist that would inspire experimentation whether an ice cream float or their own personal creation.”

Building on that idea, it encourages drinkers to be playful with their cocktails. While many people have become more confident with their skills behind the bar, it is more than complicated tinctures and elevated garnishes. There is a willingness to experiment.

Captain Morgan Cherry Vanilla float
New Captain Morgan Cherry Vanilla float, photo provided by Captain Morgan /

Captain Morgan is encouraging that creativity with the new Captain Morgan Cherry Vanilla. To spark a conversation, the brand has offered three simple ideas to wet the whistle.

Cherry Vanilla & Cola Float

  • 1.5 oz Captain Morgan Cherry Vanilla
  • 4 oz. Cola
  • 1 Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Garnish with Maraschino cherry

Cherry Vanilla & Cola

  • 1.5 oz Captain Morgan Cherry Vanilla
  • 4 oz. Cola
  • Garnish with Maraschino cherries

Cherry Vanilla Bombshell

  • 1 oz Captain Morgan Cherry Vanilla
  • 1 oz Sweet Vermouth
  • 1 oz Bitter Aperitivo
  • Garnish with rum-soaked cherry & serve with no ice

Looking at these options, it shows the versatility of the liquor. From playing up the sweetness to bringing a touch of bitter to the glass, it is about showing that this bottle will never collect dust on the shelf.

While these ideas are just a suggestion, the brand has started the hashtag #MyCherryVanillaCreation to see what others are creating. As the weather warms, this liquor could be the must have beverage that goes from apertivo to dessert.

The Captain Morgan Cherry Vanilla is available now for a limited time. It has a suggested retail price of $15.99.