Creative food and beverage innovations that spark a big conversation

Bud Light Really Retro Packs, photo provided by Bud Light
Bud Light Really Retro Packs, photo provided by Bud Light /

Do you ever wonder how the next great food idea happens? Is there some great food think tank that churns out ideas left and right? Maybe it is a concept that is rooted both in fiction and fact. These creative food and beverage innovations have people talking. Isn’t that concept a good thing?

Looking at the food space there have been some ideas of why didn’t someone think of it before. Like why isn’t there a better way to get peanut butter out of a jar or why aren’t there more food mash-ups on the shelf? Other questions transcend the grocery aisle. While food scented candles are everywhere, why can those aromas permeate other areas.

Given that people are obsessed with food, there seems to be tremendous opportunities for innovation. After all, if a robot can churn out tons of pizzas in a flash, what other creativity can come out of the kitchen?

New, creative food and beverage innovations for April 2022.

Bud Light Seltzer Really Really Retro Pack

While nostalgia seems to fill the table, Bud Light Seltzer is going way back in time for these new flavors. Given that everyone is obsessed with Bridgeton, why couldn’t there be some hard seltzer with a twist. Personally, enjoying some Afternoon Tea, Queen Cake, Duke Delight and Courtship Cocktail sounds like a delightful afternoon. Just make sure that your corset isn’t too tight.

Kinder Bueno Smell Bueno

That aroma of chocolate and hazelnut is always tempting. Why not make it your signature fragrance. The Smell Bueno line, available in Smooth Milk Chocolate, Creamy Hazelnut and Crispy Wafer, is perfect for that Kinder Bueno fan. After all, isn’t food about the total sensory experience?

RITZ x eos lip balm

Everyone knows that the buttery RITZ crackers are good with everything, but no one likes chapped lips. This new beauty offering ensures some silky smooth lips with that buttery taste. Think it will get you an extra kiss from your someone special?

Native and Baked by Melissa collaboration

Who didn’t make that Green Goddess Salad by the Baked By Melissa founder? It is time to ass that fresh, zesty taste to all aspects of life. With Native’s Deodorant and Body Lotion, life will be greener beyond the kitchen.

Broccoli ChapStick

Sometimes it can be a struggle to get that daily dose of greens. Get a little more familiar with that broccoli taste with the Broccoli ChapStick. It might not be easy to be green, but at least you’ll feel better about that balanced lifestyle.

Omaha Steaks Meat Sweats

Sometimes that perfectly seared steak has an aroma that can stop people in their tracks. Luckily, Omaha Steaks has created Meat Sweats. This unique perspirant keeps that juicy, meaty fun going all day long. You might have a few dogs follow you home, but man’s best friend appreciates the tempting aroma of a well cooked steak.

Alexa, make a smell

Who doesn’t rely on Alexa for almost anything. Unlike the teenage eye roll that accompanies every request, Alexa happily answers every command. Now, you can ask Alexa for a smell. Wonder if this command is as entertaining as tell me a joke.

Hellmann’s dessert mayo

While everyone knows that mayonnaise is a secret ingredient in many cake recipes, this dessert mayo, in collaboration with Butterfinger, it is the sweet, tangy, crunchy spread that you never knew that you needed.

These creative food and beverage innovations are just a small sampling of some April 1, 2022 announcements. While the humor might be lost on some, there is a possibility that a few of them could be real (or not).