New Krispy Kreme Spring minis are hatching with deliciousness

Krispy Kreme Spring Minis. Image Courtesy Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme Spring Minis. Image Courtesy Krispy Kreme /

Before the eggs are hidden and the baskets are filled, the new Krispy Kreme Spring minis are here to bring a sweet treat to the table. From a returning fan favorite to new egg-shaped doughnuts, these holiday treats can be the star of any Spring celebration.

As the calendar page turns, Krispy Kreme finds ways to entice guests to make another visit. While the favorite Original Glazed Doughnuts are always coming off the line hot and fresh, the special, limited-edition doughnuts cannot be missed before they disappear.

These special doughnuts often blend the visual with seasonal flavors. As many people have come to appreciate, the first glimpse is more than just being cute. It is about getting someone excited that initial bite.

Then, the flavors need to deliver. Bright, zesty and, of course, sweet come through. As Krispy Kreme Chief Marketing Officer Dave Skena said “Spring in full bloom is the inspiration for our delicious new Spring mini eggs, each one filled with a fun and flavorful little bite of the new season.”

New Krispy Kreme Minis
Krispy Kreme Spring Minis. Image Courtesy Krispy Kreme /

What are the new Krispy Kreme Spring minis?

Available in a 16-count box, the four flavors are Mini Chocolat Egg Doughnut, Mini Cake Batter Egg Doughnut, Mini Strawberries & Kreme Egg Doughnut and Mini Chick Doughnut. Some people may remember the Mini Chick Doughnut. That adorable springtime staple always brings smiles around the table.

The Mini’s Strawberries & Kreme Egg Doughnut has a white Kreme center with a strawberry icing and pastel sequins. While it sparkles and shines on the plate, the flavor is what brings people back for more. That blend of fruity and crème is a hit with everyone.

For the chocolate lover, the Mini Chocolate Egg Doughnut could be the perfect dessert for that Easter brunch. It features chocolate Kreme inside and chocolate icing. Skip all the candy in the basket and just have the doughnut.

Lastly, the Mini Cake Batter Egg Doughnut might be the sweetest in the box. Even though these mini doughnuts feature an unglazed shell, the cake batter flavor is front and center. A glass of milk is always a good pairing.

The new Krispy Kreme Spring minis are available now for a limited time. Check with local stores for the 16 count boxes.