Krispy Kreme NYC flagship store to feature world’s largest donut box


Krispy Kreme will be bringing hot, fresh donuts to New York’s Time Square 24/7. When will you be able to visit the NYC flagship store?

When the hot, fresh red light turns on, Krispy Kreme is sending out its notice to donut fans. It could cause you to change directions in the car, it might make you forget about that healthy eating plan or it could just make you forget about everything else but eating a hot, fresh donut.

Since the love of delicious, hot fresh donuts is almost universal, Krispy Kreme has decided to open a flagship store, one of the kind store, in the heart of Times Square. Although this store will not open till 2020, it will become the ultimate donut destination.

According to the brand, the flagship store will feature the hot, fresh donuts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will feature immersive and interactive activities. Basically, it is a donut paradise. Fans can even enjoy their donuts while sitting in the world’s largest donut box.

The whole experience celebrates both the donut and the donut making process. One of the fun parts of visiting a Krispy Kreme location is seeing how those delicious donuts are made. Somehow watching that glaze smother a hot, fresh donut just makes you crave it even more.

Krispy Kreme to open gigantic store in NYC Times Square, photo provided by Krispy Kreme

Adding this gigantic flagship store in Time Square shows that the donut craze and the popularity of Krispy Kreme is strong. From the special limited edition flavors to its special promotions, fans are loyal to those donuts.

The brand’s announcement didn’t say if the NYC location will feature special donut flavors. While there will be special merchandise available, it would be nice to have a NYC Times Square exclusive flavor. That option could entice even more foodies to make a special stop.

In some ways, this new store is showing that food is a strong part of pop culture. Where the iconic Cup Noodles sign beckoned all those years ago, now stores entice people to visit, eat and capture that moment for social media.

Donut fans and foodies will have to wait a while to visit the new NYC Krispy Kreme flagship store. It will not open till 2020.

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Would you make a special trip to this Krispy Kreme store? Share your thoughts in the comments section.