See’s Candies Easter treats are hatching new candy traditions

See's Candies Easter Candy offerings, photo by Cristine Struble
See's Candies Easter Candy offerings, photo by Cristine Struble /

Whether it is the Easter Bunny with an overflowing basket or a Spring table with sweet note, the See’s Candies Easter treats deliver a bounty of deliciousness. While traditional offerings are always part of the conversation, a few new choices add a little extra excitement to the celebration. Just like the flowers preparing to bloom, these See’s Candies Easter treats need to be enjoyed before they disappear.

See’s Candies is always part of special celebrations. From Valentine’s Day to the holidays to even just satisfying a craving for those Scotchmallows, anyone can find a reason to open a box. Given the candy brand’s storied history, people know that everything from the brand is going to be delicious.

Many people have Easter candy traditions. Beyond the egg hunts or decorating eggs, some food choices are traditional. From that lamb-shaped butter at brunch to even a bunny shaped cake at dinner, the reality is that food and holidays always come hand in hand.

That concept often applies to candy, especially Easter candy. While the animal commercials with their clucking make people laugh, the reality is that some food traditions can tell a family story.

For example, See’s Candies Easter Eggs are part of this family’s celebration. Instead of a decorated cake or a tower of cupcakes, each place setting held a special See’s Candies Egg. While dad might have loved Rocky Road Egg, mom preferred the Bourdeaux.

Although everyone had their favorite one by their plate, the dessert moment turned into a time to share. Anyone who has enjoyed one of these eggs appreciates that it can be difficult to eat an entire egg on your own. But, sharing with those around the table is perfect for Easter. It can spark a conversation about a food memory, a reason why that flavor is a favorite, or just a time to enjoy the moment with someone special.

Even if the flavor preferences change over the years, that sense of tradition connects people. Just like the 100 year old See’s Candies, that sense of heritage can be blended into the moment. In some ways, that connection makes each bite even sweeter.

While those candy eggs might be an Easter favorite, it isn’t the only Easter candy on the menu. From chocolate bunnies to even tins of truffles, there are plenty of choices to either fill the Easter basket or create a lavish dessert table.

And, this year, a few new choices have joined the conversation. The new Dark Peanut Brittle is a must try. The combination of luscious dark chocolate with the peanuts will make this candy a new favorite.

Holiday traditions are more than just satisfying a sweet tooth. See’s Candies Easter treats need prime space on that celebratory table.