Jose Cuervo shakes up the classic cocktail flavor

Jose Cuervo Peach Lemonade margarita, photo provided by Jose Cuervo
Jose Cuervo Peach Lemonade margarita, photo provided by Jose Cuervo /

While some people might be planning that sunny getaway, others are ready to shake up a taste of fun in the sun right now. With the new Jose Cuervo Peach Lemonade Margarita, the classic tequila cocktail gets a sweet and tangy makeover.

Recently, beverage trends have taken a tropical twist. While some people have longed to satisfy that feeling of wanderlust, heading off to that perfect destination does not happen in an instant. Even if that getaway is a priority, the daily grind of reality cannot be avoided.

Still, food and beverages can offer that sip of escape even from the couch. Just like a particular aroma, recipe or dish can bring back memories from a special time, a beverage can make that same backyard view colored with a remembrance of a great getaway.

What can people expect from the Jose Cuervo Peach Lemonade Margarita?

Jose Cuervo and margaritas have always been a perfect pair. That iconic tequila brand fills the cocktail shaker because people appreciate that it will always a tasty sip.

In this case, Jose Cuervo brings convenience to the conversation. While not the same as a canned cocktail, the larger, ready to pour margarita is perfect for larger gatherings or to have in the house to enjoy whenever the craving hits.

Looking at the flavor, Peach Lemonade, it is a curious combination. Sweet, fruity forward flavors often work well with the sour component of a margarita. The contrasting flavor often makes people go back sip after sip.

Thinking specifically about this flavor, Jose Cuervo describes it as having notes of “sweet lemon peel, honey, agave, and fleshy peach.” While those descriptors set the tone, it is really about that first sip which makes people fully appreciate the flavor.

The combination of peach and lemonade is a smart one for summer. Thinking about the classic backyard barbecue, those flavors are often part of the gathering. Lemonade on a warm day can be a thirst quencher. The tartness has people going back sip after sip.

Peach is a summer stone fruit. From dessert dishes to even flavoring some savory dishes, the seasonal fruit brings the juiciness to the conversation.

By combining the two flavors, it is a new take on the sweet and tangy. Juicy forward, that slightly tart note entices another sip. Although it is always best to enjoy slowly, this margarita is an easy sipper.

Although the convenience of just pouring over ice is a big sell, consider making the margarita a drinking experience. Add a piece of fresh peach as a garnish or even just a slice of lemon in the glass. Or, for people who like spicy or smoky, consider a seasoned salt on the glass rim.

The Jose Cuervo Peach Lemonade Margarita is available at various retailers. The 1.57L bottle has a suggested retail price of $15.99.