Target’s Favorite Day heads down the bunny trail with tasty Easter treats

Target's Favorite Day Easter treats, photo provided by Target
Target's Favorite Day Easter treats, photo provided by Target /

Once again, Target’s Favorite Day has hit the bullseye with its seasonal offerings. These tasty Easter treats are flying off store shelves. It might be best to make extra room at the table for all the deliciousness.

When Target launched Favorite Day, it looked to celebrate those sweeter moments. From that taste of indulgence to finding a reason to celebrate, any day can become a special one when there is a Favorite Day offering on the table.

For the spring holiday, Target’s Favorite Day Easter treats step away from just the traditional Easter candy. Instead, it focuses on bringing conversation to the celebration. The whole family can get involved with the making and enjoying of these Easter delights.

While there are many options on the shelf, the baker will love the Favorite Day Tie Dye Easter Egg Sugar Cookie Kit. Although the traditional dyed eggs might be a little scarce this year, these cookies are a great choice. Whether the colors are bold, pastel or a combination, everyone can express their own cookie personalities.

One fun idea is to use the cookies as place settings at an Easter Brunch. Create each one with a slightly different primary color and have everyone find their special cookie. It could be a fun new holiday table tradition.

Another holiday tradition is getting a springtime update. While gingerbread houses are a Christmas time staple, the Favorite Day Easter Bunny Cookie House Kit is a fun activity to keep the kids entertained. The brightly colored candies stand out on the sugar cookie. But, like that Easter candy, it can be hard to not “snack” while decorating.

Similar to the Tie Dye Cookies, this Easter Bunny Cookie House Kit would look great on a dessert table. Sometimes the best décor is one that is edible.

For those people who like to snack before the big celebration, a bowl of the Favorite Day Bunny Bair Trail Mix is a must try. It is more than just the pastel colors. From the honey roasted peanut to the confetti cookie pieces, the sweet, crunchy mix is irresistible. And, if you want an extra treat, add a handful to some vanilla ice cream.

Lastly, there was a trend for bunny butt desserts. That little white cotton tail just brings smiles all around. Now, the Favorite Day Hot Cocoa Bomb Egg borrows that cuteness. Plus, the marshmallow flavor is a top choice for the Easter holiday.

These Target’s Favorite Day Easter treats can be found in stores now. Check with local retailers for availability.