Jack in the Box Pineapple Express Shake rolls with a love of trees

Jack loves trees, photo provided by Jack in the Box
Jack loves trees, photo provided by Jack in the Box /

While the name might conjure a particular phrase, movie title or other wafting reference, the Jack in the Box Pineapple Express Shake has many people turning their April 20 and beyond into a sweet treat. Sometimes a little extra dessert is worth the splurge. And, when it helps to save some trees, the decision is an easy one.

Sometimes a particular day has meaning for people. From national food days to holidays, many people step out of their comfort zone. Whether it is enjoying a special treat or just taking a bite of something new, that taste can be satisfying.

On this 4/20, Jack in the Box is enticing everyone to take a sip of the Pineapple Express Shake. Even though tropical flavors are a beverage trend, this frozen delight is a little more than just a sweet sip. For the day, Jack in the Box is giving back with each purchase.

Since Jack loves trees, every purchase of this new shake via a third party delivery app will trigger a donation to save trees. Stay on the couch, place an order and do some good for the environment. After all, life is too short to let an opportunity like this go up in smoke.

While the Jack loving trees and its corresponding donation might just be for a day, the Pineapple Express Shake will be around for a little longer. Available in regular and large, people can pick their munchie size. Sometimes that hunger can be a little more deeply rooted and other times it is just a little falling leaf.

The flavor of this new shake flavor hits the right combination of sweet and tart. Combining vanilla and pineapple, the taste of the tropics satisfies. Plus, with a cherry on top, who can resist another order.

But, like many special offers this one is only around for a limited time. Don’t let your judgment be cloudy. Isn’t it time to roll into Jack in the Box to try the new Pineapple Express Shake?