Q Mixers Bloody Mary Mixer brings the flavor to brunch and beyond

Q Mixers Bloody Mary Mixer, photo provided by Q Mixers
Q Mixers Bloody Mary Mixer, photo provided by Q Mixers /

When that premium spirit is part of the cocktail, it deserves a premium mixer. With the new Q Mixers Bloody Mary Mixer, that classic brunch beverage just got a flavorful upgrade. Ready for that first sip?

More and more people have learned to appreciate that a cocktail deserves the best ingredients. While some mixologists might make their own bitters, tinctures and syrups, the home bartender wants a great mixer within reach. Even with that convenience, the flavor needs to deliver. No one wants to ruin a good vodka, gin, or other spirit with a mixer leaves people wanting more.

Q Mixers has been many people’s preference. From the simple tonic to a spicy ginger beer, people can sip with confidence that the glass is filled with a quality product.

With the new Q Mixers Bloody Mary Mixer, it brings the flavor, not the fructose. Instead of focusing on the sugary taste, this mixer is more horseradish forward. That savory note is blended with seven other herbs and spices. Those ingredients combined with vine-ripened tomatoes has people re-thinking that classic brunch cocktail.

Given that a Bloody Mary is often a brunch cocktail, it has become both a cocktail and a meal. With the savory notes in this mix, it lends itself to impressive garnishes. From the beef stick straw to the shrimp skewer, the options are many. Although some restaurants might try to pile a whole meal in that glass, a little extra on top is the perfect snack to that sipper.

Even though vodka is often the traditional spirit in a Bloody Mary, it doesn’t have to be the only spirit in the glass. Using a gin or even a tequila makes for a tasty sipper.

For example, the Bloody Maria, made with tequila or mezcal, is a great option. Consider adding a rim of tajin to amplify the spicy notes. And, for the true spice lovers, why not add a stuffed jalapeno as a garnish, too.

If darker spirits are preferred, bourbon can add some smoky qualities to that cocktail glass. The classic American spirit can add some depth to the cocktail. Consider garnishing the beverage with a piece of bacon and even some smoky salt rim.

No matter the reason, make sure that there is some Q Mixers Bloody Mary Mixer within reach. It will make anyone rethink that classic cocktail for the better.