New Carvel Strawberry Crunchies have everyone cheering for more ice cream

(Photo Illustration by Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
(Photo Illustration by Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

Whether it is Fudgy the Whale cake or that classic Dasher, many people cannot resist the classic Carvel Soft Serve with those iconic Crunchies. While the classic Chocolate and Vanilla Crunchies are always tasty, the new Carvel Strawberry Crunchies are bringing a sweet, juicy taste to summer treats.

Over the past year, Carvel has expanded the classic Crunchies flavors. Who does remember the Churro Crunchies from last summer or the Cookie Butter Crunchies from the holidays. Those flavors added excitement to each spoonful. While the classics will always have their place, a new flavor entices people to make a special visit.

By expanding the Crunchies with strawberry, Carvel shows that fruit flavors deserve their time to shine. Especially going into the warmer months, berries are a dessert staple. From a cobbler to a shortcake, the fresh, fruit flavors satisfy.

As Jessica Osborne, Vice President of Marketing, Carvel said, “Strawberry is one of our most popular flavors, and we knew putting a familiar twist on Crunchies, a classic that has been an integral part of Carvel’s history, would be perfect for making new memories at all types of celebrations, ‘or Carvel-ebrations,’ this spring.” Now, those Carvel Strawberry Crunchies can be enjoyed in all types of desserts.

According to the brand, there are several offerings that feature the new Strawberry Crunchies. From Crunchies to go to Flying Saucers to the classic Dasher, there are plenty of options.

And, with Mother’s Day around the corner, backyard barbecues and more, the Strawberries Crunchies Cake is a must try. In between the layers of vanilla ice cream, there is a Strawberries Crunchies layer, as well as some extra Strawberry Crunchies on the side. For extra strawberry flavor, consider adding some fresh strawberries as a garnish.

With this new Crunchies flavor, it begs the question, what other flavors could be next? With the classic Neapolitan flavors, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, covered, is there another food trend that could be sprinkled into the mix? From birthday cake to mint, there are almost limitless possibilities.

What do you think of the new Carvel Strawberry Crunchies? Are you making plans to try them?