Carvel Churro Crunchies create the ultimate summer ice cream treats

New Carvel Churro Crunchies and Churro ice cream offerings, photo provided by Carvel
New Carvel Churro Crunchies and Churro ice cream offerings, photo provided by Carvel /

Move over Carvel Crunchies because Carvel Churro Crunchies are here for the summer. While the classic churros are always a delicious treat, this new offering from Carvel is transforming that favorite ice cream. Are you ready to get a scoop?

Carvel ice cream is a classic. Whether it is that Fudgie the Whale cake or just a scoop of that favorite sundae, many people cannot resist that favorite ice cream. Also, one of the reasons why many people love Carvel is those iconic crunchies. Unlike cookies and cream or just another sprinkle, the Crunchies boost the flavor and add a satisfying texture to all of those frozen treats.

Churros have become a trending flavor. While many people cannot resist a churro at their favorite theme park or carnival, the reality is that churros have been taking over store shelves. From cereal to snacks, that cinnamon sugar flavor is everywhere, and now in ice cream.

As Nicolle DuBose, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Carvel, said, “this new flavor, available in so many delicious treats and a new crunchie flavor, will have fans reminiscing about summer memories made at state fairs, carnivals and strolls down the boardwalk – while creating new memories for years to come.”

How can you enjoy the new Carvel Churro Crunchies?

While DuBose describes the new Carvel Churro Crunchies as “the warm, happy feelings people experience in the summer and turn that into ice cream treats, it would taste just like our new Churro flavor,” it might even be better than that description.

The brand said that the Carvel Churro Crunchies are “crispy vanilla crunch coated in a sweet vanilla bonnet shell with the cinnamon and sugar flavors of a Churro.” In some ways, it is that little nugget of tasty churro goodness. More importantly, given that it is crunchies, it will retain that crisp texture when surrounded by that luscious ice cream.

Carvel Churro Crunchies ice cream treats
Carvel Churro Crunchies, photo provided by Carvel /

The new Carvel Churro Crunchies will be available in six different ways. While you might want to try them all in a single sitting, it might be better to savor the treats through out the summer. The offerings include: Churro Crunchies To-Go, Churro Shake, Churro Sundae Dasher, Churro Flying Saucers Rolled in Churro Crunchies, Churro Soft Serve Ice Cream and Churro Scooped Ice Cream.

Although it is impossible to pick just one favorite, the Churro Flying Saucers Rolled in Churro Crunchies might be a top choice. This option brings all the most churro flavor in every bite. Just make sure to enjoy it quickly on a hot day. No one wants to have melted ice cream.

And, since the Churro Crunchies can be order to-go, you can enjoy that flavor in other ways too. Although not suggested by the brand, you could put some on your morning yogurt. Sometimes a little boost of sweetness is a great way to start the day.

The Carvel Churro Crunchies and Churro offerings will be available at Carvel Shoppes and food delivery platforms. For more information on availability and pricing, please visit

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What is your favorite Carvel treat? Are you excited to try these new offerings?