Danny Trejo and Tostitos are ready for a Fiesta Remix, interview

Danny Trejo for Tostitos, photo provided by Tostitos
Danny Trejo for Tostitos, photo provided by Tostitos /

As Cinco de Mayo approaches, this year’s celebration isn’t just limited to one day in May. The festivities to mark the holiday can continue all summer long. With this year’s Fiesta Remix, Danny Trejo and Tostitos are serving a delicious blend of new and old that satisfies everyone at the table.

While Cinco de Mayo is rooted in culture, some people see the annual event as a reason to break out the chips and salsa. Although there is always room on the table for that tasty food, this year it is time to rethink, or embrace that Fiesta Remix. Blending the traditional with the new, this concept can start some new traditions that can be passed on for years to come.

Previously, Tostitos and Trejo collaborated on a Cinco de Mayo promotion. This time around, Trejo joined forces with Sofia Reyes. As seen in the new promotion, these types of celebrations cross the generations, and that concept ensures that the memories never fade.

Recently, FoodSided had a delightful conversation with the actor, restaurateur and pop culture icon Danny Trejo. While Trejo proclaimed his love of Tostitos Scoops, it was more than just a discussion about the snacks in the bowl. For him, that Fiesta Remix is about bringing everyone together at the table.

For Trejo, he started our conversation about the history behind the holiday. Even though the fun and frivolity of eating good food and enjoying spirited conversation draws people together, the event is rooted in history. That type of idea is something that others can consider. Sure, the kids might not want a history lesson, but a little background can spark a conversation, which is always a good thing.

This year, Trejo is making it about his family and his restaurant family. While the always popular Trejos Tacos will definitely have a festive atmosphere, it is more than just his band playing and people clapping. Trejo sees his restaurant as an extension of his family.

Trejo believes that no one should take their family for granted. Whether it is an extended family or the people sitting at the table every night, that connection is vital for a full life. It is one of the reasons why he always has an outstretched hand and is willing to help. That sense of selflessness is one of the reasons why many people admire Trejo.

Even though the popular cultural icon has a visual platform, it doesn’t mean that that willingness to help cannot extend to anyone and everyone. Trejo agreed with the idea that the table is open and welcome for all. It can be the place to spark a conversation, create a bond, or just enjoy a great story.

For Trejo, it is important for his restaurant to feel like a home, where everyone is welcome. More importantly, he encourages people to set aside their differences when they sit at the table and embrace the opportunity to engage and learn from each other.

As seen in the Fiesta Remix campaign, it is about finding that bridge between people. While Trejo might be ready to hold the machete in front of the grill, Reyes takes a different approach. One isn’t better than the other, but both can find a common thread that brings them together.

And, since that Fiesta Remix is ready to play, there was another question that couldn’t be left on the table. While Trejo loves his Scoops, there can be a chips and guacamole scenario that can stop the music.

What does Trejo recommend when that chip breaks in the guacamole? He said simply, grab another chip and scoop it back up.

More information on the Danny Trejo and Tostitos Fiesta Remix can be found online. From recipe inspiration to giveaways to even a new version of Loteria, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.