Kelsey Barnard Clark curates a delicious Kentucky Derby menu

Kelsey Barnard Clark Kentucky Derby Menu, photo provided by Williams Sonoma
Kelsey Barnard Clark Kentucky Derby Menu, photo provided by Williams Sonoma /

As the Top Chef Kentucky winner, it is fitting that Kelsey Barnard Clark partnered with Williams Sonoma to curate a Kentucky Derby menu worthy of the greatest two minutes in sports. As the Run for the Roses takes over Churchill Downs, people watching at home can have a taste of those favorite Kentucky food and beverage offerings. Put on that stylish hat, grab a cocktail and cheer for that winning trifecta.

During many major sporting events, the action on the screen is paired with food. Somehow those bites, nibbles and overflowing spreads makes the sports excitement even more thrilling.

Given that the event doesn’t happen every weekend, themed food is often on the menu. From a flavor from the locale to a connection to the sporting event, it is time to think outside of the proverbial snack bowl.

This year, celebrity chef Kelsey Barnard Clark and Williams Sonoma have created a delightful at home Kentucky Derby menu. This “travel by tastebud” offering features a variety of recipes that any home cook can master. More importantly, it captures the spirit of the iconic Kentucky event and the flavors associated with the Bluegrass state.

The Kelsey Barnard Clark Kentucky Derby menu includes:

Supper Club Smoked Wings with White Barbecue Sauce

Twinkle Light Succotash

Green Eggs and Ham

Okra Hot Fries

Mama Jo’s Pecan Pie

Icebox Cookies

The various recipes blend a taste of nostalgia with innovative flavors. For example, the white barbecue sauce with the smoked wings takes two classic dishes and blends the flavors in a new way. It might make people forget about those other chicken wings served at sporting events.

In addition, all of these recipes pair well with the iconic Mint Julep, which is a Kentucky Derby staple. With Woodford Reserve being the classic liquor served during the annual May event, a few fingers will be filling that glass.

Since Williams Sonoma and Woodford Reserve have a Mint Julep cocktail mixer, it makes serving that iconic libation even easier. With just a few garnishes and a pour, everyone can sip and savor that flavorful cocktail.

Now that Kelsey Barnard Clark and Williams Sonoma have taken care of all the food and beverages the only thing left is to perfect that outfit and choose the winner. Don’t take your eyes off the screen because the horses will be off. Luckily, the food will be waiting in the winner’s circle.