McDonald’s free food offer makes Mercury retrograde more bearable

Have you ever noticed that sometimes life just seems out of whack? Even if people don’t know the difference between astrology and astronomy, there is a phrase that might explain why the next couple of weeks just seem a little off kilter. Luckily, this McDonald’s free food offer makes Mercury retrograde a little less overwhelming.

While some people cannot start the day without reading their horoscope and others think that the concept of seeing their fate in the stars might be a little too lofty, there is some merit to nature’s impact on the world. That trip around the sun can bring influence beyond people’s control.

For some, when Mercury is in retrograde, the impact can be unsettling. While some people might prefer to table big decisions or choose their words more carefully, the reality is that sometimes there are a few ways to make those feelings a little less overwhelming. And, McDonald’s is ready to accept that challenge.

On May 10 and May 11, 2022, there is a McDonald’s free food offer to make this Mercury retrograde a little better. Via the McDonald’s App, guests can receive a free McChicken or McDouble with the purchase of Medium Fries. This offer is available only on the McDonald’s App.

In addition, to the McDonald’s free food offer, McDonald’s is partnering with Madam Adam for a TikTok Live tarot card reading on May 10. The astrology expert and tarot card reader will be offering some insight to fans. Simply comment on Madam Adam’s Instagram or TikTok for an opportunity to get a glimpse into the future.

And, if all the talk of celestial influences is too much, the McDonald’s free food offer is available to everyone with the app. That free food fate is one that can make even the most unsettling day seem a little brighter.