Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte transcends the digital world

Coca Cola Zero Sugar Byte, photo provided by Coca Cola
Coca Cola Zero Sugar Byte, photo provided by Coca Cola /

Gaming and beverages often go hand in hand. Whether it is quenching a thirst for a big win or keeping alert for all the action, a refreshing beverage is often within reach. With the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte, the magic of opening that can transcends the digital and real world.

Over the past several years, the line between virtual and real worlds has become blurred. While people might seem to grasp the metaverse, have learned to appreciate a non-fungible token or just stepping out of the daily grind, that vast digital space as much to explore.

While that digital space might not have a solution for satisfying that grumbling stomach, it does inspire. From the visuals to embracing what can be possible, people are encouraged to see both the pixels and what is beyond it. The willingness to open the mind and push the boundaries can be exciting.

With Coca-Cola Creations, the iconic beverage looks to move the conversation forward. While Starlight might have looked to the heavens for inspiration, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte jumps into the screen and invites everyone to play.

According to Oana Vlad, Senior Director, Global Strategy, The Coca-Cola Company, “For our second expression from Coca-Cola Creations, we wanted to create an innovative taste inspired by the playfulness of pixels, rooted in the experiences that gaming makes possible. Just as pixels power digital connection, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte brings people together to share moments of Real Magic.”

Coca-Cola Creations Coca Cola Zero Sugar Byte
Coca Cola Zero Sugar Byte, photo provided by Coca Cola /

What does Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte taste like?

While the digital world might be full of great visuals, the taste sense has not been captured in pixel form. Although people could speculate the hows and whys, this particular beverage seems to assert one aspect to that digital world. It is quite carbonated.

When opening a can of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte, the carbonation is heightened. For anyone who loves an effervescent beverage, this option is a must. It is almost as if those bubbles add to an excitement to explore more, see more or just embrace the experience.

Overall, the flavor is similar to the traditional Zero Sugar beverage. It hits the blend of traditional Coke with the less sweet preference.

The Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte is available for a limited time. The Coca-Cola Creations beverage is sold in twin packs of 12.5-oz. slim cans. It can be purchased online at,