New Hellmann’s Spicy Mayo makes it easy to get spicy in the kitchen

New Hellmann’s Spicy Mayo, photo provided by Hellmann's
New Hellmann’s Spicy Mayo, photo provided by Hellmann's /

For many people, mayonnaise is a staple condiment. From a sandwich spread to a dip, the uses are many. But, sometimes that traditional mayonnaise could use a little flavor boost. Ready for a taste of the new Hellmann’s Spicy Mayo?

Over the past several years, food trends have shown that people are craving bolder flavors. Although no one wants to destroy their palate with spice, a little extra flavor can be welcome. After all, bland is boring.

With the new Hellmann’s Spicy Mayo, any food that pairs with mayonnaise can get a little kick. It isn’t about overwhelming a dish, it is about giving it a boost to make that traditional food a little more exciting.

As Ben Crook, Senior Marketing Director for Hellmann’s North America, said “The launch of Hellmann’s new Spicy Mayonnaise reminds us that a little spice has the power to transform our favorite meals into something more flavorful and exciting.” Although a simple idea, it is one that resonates with many foodies.

According to the brand, the new condiment features real chili peppers and a sriracha pepper blend. Before anyone fears the ingredient description, the flavor is mild to medium in the heat level. Basically, it is a boost, not overpowering.

Thinking about this new food offering, it would transform a boring burger or sad sandwich. Sometimes a simple swap can really make a difference.

More importantly, the mayonnaise lends itself to some kitchen creativity. For example, consider using the mayonnaise on some fish. Similar to the spicy mayo on sushi, this condiment can not only bring flavor to a baked fish but also keep it moist.

Although it might not be the best idea to swap this mayonnaise option in a dessert recipe, there are plenty of other ways to add some spiciness to the kitchen. Sometimes a little heat can bring the excitement that everyone craves.

The new Hellmann’s Spicy Mayo will be available at various retailers. An 11.5 oz squeeze bottle has a suggested retail price of $4.49.