Mike’s Hard Freeze creates the ultimate 90s fantasy house

Mike's Hard Freeze House, photo provided by Mike's
Mike's Hard Freeze House, photo provided by Mike's /

From the geometric patterns to the bold colors, the Mike’s Hard Freeze House transports people back to the time of boy bands and scrunchies. The bomber jacket might not fit the way it previously did, but those flavors that everyone remembers are front and center. Take a step back in time and embrace the nostalgia that is all new again.

When Mike’s Hard Lemonade launched Hard Freeze, the flavors captivated by capturing those favorite frozen drinks. Whether drunk individually or combined into a totally rad flavor combination, the new beverages have captivated people.

To celebrate the new beverage offering Mike’s Hard Freeze has created the Mike’s Hard Freeze House. While this step back into the 90s might not be on the market, it is open for one lucky fan to enjoy the ultimate blast from the past getaway.

As John Shea, Chief Marketing Officer, Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co said, “We know consumers are looking for tastes and experiences that evoke feelings of nostalgia, which is why we wanted to give fans the chance to relive the 90’s with our Mike’s Hard Freeze House to celebrate the launch of Mike’s Hard Freeze! We can’t wait to give visitors a chance to try our newest innovation in the perfect setting – a totally immersive 90’s-themed experience.”

Now through May 18, everyone can enter for the chance to win the ultimate nostalgic getaway. The all-inclusive giveaway will be for the winner and three guests. More information can be found at www.MikesHardFreezeHouse.com.

Ready for a tour of the Mike’s Hard Freeze House?

Inspired by the four flavors of Mike’s Hard Freeze and the 90s nostalgia, the special house has plenty to explore room after room. The fun starts in the Throwback Arcade. Everyone can level up with those favorite 90s games. The only question is can you remember all the hints that helped to achieve the high score.

Since the kitchen is often the heart of the house, the Sampling Kitchen will get a lot of action. Whether it is sampling each of the flavors or enjoying a tasty treat, everyone always seems to end up in the kitchen.

Of course, each of the four flavors have their own themed room. From geometric patterns to the colors, each guest can pick their preference. Even if that scrunchie doesn’t match, there is plenty to explore.

From the Living Room to the Colorful Pool, this 90s inspired getaway will have everyone talking. Even if you don’t know your statement earrings from your mini bags, this special event is one that everyone can embrace. Ready to crack open a can of Mike’s Hard Freeze and toast to the past and the present?