ALDI Retro kitchen essentials bring style and function

ALDI retro appliances, photo provided by ALDI
ALDI retro appliances, photo provided by ALDI /

Looking for the next great ALDI find? Get ready for summer and add some new style to the kitchen. These ALDI Retro kitchen essentials will be flying off the shelf.

Every week there is another food find, gadget or other item that has shoppers filling their carts. From the recent German week to mini-shopping playset for the kids, it seems that the cart quarter is constantly in use.

While many people have quenched their thirst on the fruit forward beverages for summer, the upcoming weekly find will bring a new look to the kitchen. Just like nostalgia has influenced food trends, that retro vibe is taking over the kitchen.

Starting on May 18, the ALDI Retro kitchen essentials will be available. The offerings include a retro citrus juicer, retro portable smoothie, retro 8 cup coffee maker, retro round egg cooker, retro toaster and retro kettle. All items are available in either retro cream or retro green. The prices vary from $12.99 to $34.99.

Looking at these colors, there is something to be said about having a little retro feel in the kitchen. It creates a comforting vibe. It might not instantly be a Brady Bunch moment, but there is a sense of calm with these colors.

Whether people are looking to make a huge change or just a little swap, these kitchen essentials are perfect. And, since it is graduation season, these items could make for great gifts. After all, what student doesn’t need a coffee maker or portable smoothie maker?

As cost continues to impact shopping choices, ALDI resonates with consumers. Even if that basket might not have the extra splurge buy, shoppers know that there is value in their purchase. When dollars can stretch a little further, everyone feels a little better.

Ready to make a change in the kitchen? These ALDI Retro kitchen essentials are waiting on the shelf.