Budweiser Freedom cans are more than just a bold new look

Budweiser Freedom cans, photo provided by Budweiser
Budweiser Freedom cans, photo provided by Budweiser /

As Memorial Day looks to kick off summer, that day to honor the country’s fallen servicemen is more than just people gathering around the table. With the Budweiser Freedom cans, beer drinkers can make a statement one beverage at a time.

Budweiser has been part of the American story since 1876. Whether people call it a brand that built America or just anxiously await that annual Super Bowl commercial, that classic red logo and even those Clydesdale horses symbolize more than just a classic lager. It is a beer that has stood the test of time.

With the Budweiser Freedom cans, there is a sense of pride in country and service. Although the beer brand has long stood beside valiant servicemen, these cans look to do more than just invite drinkers to ponder the words on the can.

As Budweiser shares on the can, “Here’s to the freedom that unites all Americans. It is the foundation that our country’s strength is built upon. To commemorate this, we have replaced our iconic Budweiser name with Freedom so we can all toast to the value we hold so dear. This Bud’s for freedom. This Bud’s for you.”

Available now through July 4, Budweiser is committing to donate to Folds of Honor for every Freedom can case told. That charitable organization benefits spouses and children of both America’s fallen and disabled service-members.

Looking at the Budweiser Freedom cans, the design is more than just a logo swap. It combines iconic imagery with phrases that capture patriotic messages. From stars and stripes to a bald eagle, those symbols have a special meaning for many servicemen. While the red, white and blue might fly high, people coming together in a community is equally important.

The words on the can serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made. Freedom is not always free but the reminder to “Let It Ring” denotes that it is worth the effort. Although simplistic, having those cans in the cooler this summer can be a reminder to appreciate what freedom can and should be.