Campari Negroni Ready to Serve simplifies summer entertaining

Campari Negroni Ready to Serve, photo provided by Campari
Campari Negroni Ready to Serve, photo provided by Campari /

Some cocktails are timeless. While beverage trends might fill social media feeds, there is something classic, almost comforting to a cocktail that has stood the test of time. The Negroni is one of those cocktails. The Campari Negroni Ready to Serve ensures that the classic cocktail can be enjoyed any time.

Going back to 1919, the Negroni has gone through a variety of beverage evolutions. While Count Negroni might have envisioned the addition of gin to an Americano, the flavors have brought people back time and again. Whether enjoyed at the start of a meal or on its own, the combination of herbal, sweet and spice seem to open the palate.

Basically, a Negroni, a combination of a gin and sweet vermouth with Campari, is about the ingredients. While people can debate which gin, a juniper forward option or a modern gin, the Campari brings that classic finish. It is citrus, spice and herbal that makes people go back for another glass.

Although the Campari Negroni is a classic, some people would prefer to streamline the home bar. Even though some people might be impressed with a bar as well stocked as the local restaurant, others would prefer to have a little more space on the shelf. Ready-made cocktails can be that solution.

Recently, ready-made cocktails have surged in popularity. The idea of just pouring, versus shaking, has people grabbing a bottle versus a beer or wine. When quality ingredients can be convenient, it makes it an easy choice for consumers.

As Andrea Sengara, Head of Marketing, Campari America. Said, “With the Ready to Serve format now available, consumers can enjoy the world’s No. 1 classic cocktail anywhere, and with ease.” Given that the classic cocktail continues to surge in popularity, the ready-made option makes people more willing to keep that bottle on the shelf.

Whether it is summer entertaining or just having option, the Campari Negroni ready to serve cocktail has become a home bar staple. It is available at various retailers as well at ReserveBar and Drizly. The suggested retail price is $24.99.